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Web Design Classes

Launch a new career with web design classes and frontend web training

Why Should I Take These Classes?

Web Design Classes at Digital Workshop CenterA career in web design and development begins with training at Digital Workshop Center. Our track of Web Design classes and development bootcamps begins with a solid understanding of the core languages of the all web pages: HTML and CSS. Continuing your education in website design will take you through other popular scripting languages and tools such as PHP, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and WordPress.

Furthermore, for those who are looking to enhance an existing site but maybe not a new career, our classes will help you learn how to edit and manage your content.

We provide relevant, real-world examples for all types of students, no matter what your previous experience is in website design. Digital Workshop Center offers all of the training you’ll need to learn everything about designing, creating, and maintaining high-impact, interactive websites.

All of our classes are taught in a live format.  You will work with a live instructor and get your questions answered immediately.  We strive to keep our classes affordable for all and provide many different types of web design and development training options.

How Do I Get Started?

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Questions? Contact us at 970-980-8091.