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Established in 2006, Digital Workshop Center (DWC) is a school for tech careers focused on job skills and professional development.

Our certificate programs are delivered in an online, bootcamp format with live instruction. DWC is an alternative option for nontraditional students and the professional workforce.  Read more about who we are.

Why Digital Workshop Center?

avg increase salary

average increase in salary of
certificate program students *

months to employment
average months to find
employment after graduation ^
Graduation Rate
graduation rate *

career coaching and mentoring included

*Profile report data based on 2020-2023 Employment and Wage survey submissions
^Based on 2021-2023 data only | *Based on 2021-2023 data & does not include Blueprint, WP/PS/ILL/ID/ bootcamps or B.Admin data

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Google Reviews
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Alumni Success

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“I couldn’t get a job because I had no practical experience. Talking with a career counselor, they suggested getting a certificate from DWC which would provide valuable life experience and professional experience that definitely led to me being able to do what I’m doing today.”

Leighton Vary

Digital Marketing Graduate

“An amazing program.  They have all the tools and classes that equip you for the real world.  I believe having all of the instructors in the field themselves is a great asset.  You can really learn from what they have to give.  It’s an incredible course and I highly recommend.”

Jason Reid

Frontend Web Development Graduate

Brenda Nies - UX Design Certificate

“I really enjoyed my time at DWC. All the instructors were very nice and very personable. You didn’t have to be afraid of asking any question. And I think they just taught in a way that made everybody understand. 

We learned a lot in a short amount of time, but it never felt fast paced. It always felt we were going at an even pace. And I think because of that, because of the instructors, I was able to not only learn a lot, but feel comfortable learning.”

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Brenda Nies

UX Design Graduate

Carrie Brennan - Digital Marketing Certificate

“The skills that I learned from DWC, I definitely apply all the time, whether it’s the graphic design of the website or being able to custom code an element for my customers.  The classes that I took at Digital Workshop Center gave me the skills to put on my resume to get my foot in the door for that first job in marketing that I have parlayed into a career in marketing.”

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Carrie Brennan

Digital Marketing & Graphic Design Graduate

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