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Student Testimonials


TestimonialsWe treat every student as an individual; not a number.

Since 2006, we have valued customer service and individual attention to ensure your investment in training is wroth every penny.  We are proud of our customer reviews:  98% of our students report positive feedback from our classes, we have a 4.9 rating on Facebook reviews, and a 5-star rating on Google reviews.

Read what some of our students have said about our classes:

Enjoyed the interaction, instruction and ability to customize the experience. The instructor provided relevant and useful examples plus provided time to work on personalized projects.

Janelle B.

The instructor was great clarifying things, giving us visual examples, and extra helpful tools to try on our own, highlighted best practices.  She knows her stuff and knows how to make sure it was communicated clearly.

Renee H.

Just the right amount of information for the class length. Great overview with extra detail where most needed.


The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend taking her class!

Jessica L.

I appreciate that you are right here in FoCo and I could take the InDesign classes right here, in person.

Cynthia M.

DWC classes have helped me reach my goal of understanding Photoshop and Illustrator to an advanced level.  Both of my instructors are very well educated in both programs.  I like that they are not only teachers but users of the programs in their professional lives.

W. Keith

Digital Workshop Center is an incredible resource for individuals and companies looking to expand and improve their skill sets. The small class sizes allow for an open dialogue between the students and instructors, which is ideal when the material is new and unfamiliar.

Melissa Matonis

I came in with a lot of self-taught bad habits in the Adobe programs, and with help from my instructors, I have been able to break some of those and really re-learn the programs. If you’ve worked with Adobe at all, you know it’s an endless experience of learning new things. It’s been really helpful to have someone guiding me through the process. I look forward to finishing up the Advanced Graphic Design Certification and will continue put this learning to work.

A. Hamrick

Appreciate the willingness to answer specific questions and walk-through very specific scenarios with individual students.

Nate B.

Photoshop Level 1 was a top-notch course with a great instructor. The course is very well structured. Totally worth the time and money. The added benefit of being able to re-take the course within a year and having access to support is awesome and ensures that actual skills are developed beyond the classroom.

K. Wilford