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Certification Programs and Classes

DWC offers full-length certificate programs and stand-alone classes.  Certificate program cohorts begin quarterly throughout the calendar year.  Students enrolled in a certification program with DWC are allowed one (1) year to complete their program unless otherwise noted.

Each class of a certification program includes a professional digital textbook, lesson files, technical support, and one year for a free re-take of the same class (for attended students of public classes only).  Programs also include a Capstone project and career coaching.

DWC Calendar

Class and Program Schedules

See Appendix A for a list of public stand-alone classes and certificate program schedules.  Instructors, class times, and class dates are subject to change.

Private classes are available at a premium cost and can be scheduled to accommodate the student’s availability.

Unforeseen Closure

Announcements regarding the closure of the DWC due to weather, health and/or safety emergencies will be handled via email and telephone messages. We always have the safety of our instructors and students in mind to determine the appropriate course of action in these situations.


Classes are not held on the following holidays/dates:

  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Juneteenth
  • Independence Day


Enrollment Periods

DWC classes and certification programs are scheduled on a recurring basis throughout the calendar year (typically each quarter). Registration for public classes is open up to three (3) business days prior to the first session of a given class. Private classes are available at a premium cost can be scheduled anytime with advance notice provided.  Exceptions to late registration may be made by a Director on a case-by-case basis.

Beginning and Ending Dates of Term

Term dates begin approximately at the start of each quarter in a calendar year. Certificate programs complete in approximately six months.  Some exceptions may apply.  Contact the Admissions Team for orientation or info session details and specific schedule information.

Admission Requirements

DWC classes and programs are open to the public, ages 16 and up.  We do not limit students based on race, occupation, or gender.

To be accepted into programs at DWC, it is required that the student (1) submit a program application and (2) attend an information session.   In certain instances when a student cannot attend a public information session, then a private meeting with a student advisor may be arranged.  Some restrictions may apply.

Prior to the start of a program, each student is required to confirm purchase of their own computer equipment and software that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements.  A full list of equipment and software minimum requirements may be found here.

It is the responsibility of the student to review prerequisite or pre-class requirements for any program or class.  DWC reserves the right to deny or cancel enrollment if prerequisite requirements are not met.

Once both pre-enrollment requirements have been completed, the DWC Admissions Team will evaluate applications and notify students of program acceptance.

After acceptance is confirmed, each program participant must complete an enrollment form and create an account on our website prior to registering and attending classes.

Payment Methods

DWC accepts payment by credit card, debit card, ACH payments, or check.

If paying out of pocket in advance of your program start date, 100% of payment needs to be received at least three (3) business days before the start of your class to guarantee your seat.

If you have pre-paid, paid your balance due as part of a certification program, or handled payment off-line (invoice or check), you do not need to take any additional steps at this time.  Payment will be coordinated with your financial servicer.

If you are using a payment plan option, you must be approved for your full tuition balance before you may enroll.

Payment – Utah Students Only – See Appendix B

Financial Aid & Grants

Options for financial aid include monthly payment plans provided by Climb Credit, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity (WIOA) grants to those who qualify, funding from Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), or Veteran Education benefits including VET TEC®.

DWC does not accept FAFSA or Pell grant funds.

Payment Plans

DWC offers a variety of payment plan options via Climb Credit.  A one-time payment plan registration fee is due before enrollment may begin.  See all options and details here.

WIOA Grant Funding

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is designed for those individuals who are unemployed or dislocated workers to help get back to work with skills-based training.

Approved DWC certification programs and stand-alone classes are eligible to be paid for by WIOA and   WIOA funds are managed by the County and State in which the student resides.

For qualified WIOA students, payments are accepted in one of three ways: 1) pre-paid or invoiced per class basis with a WIOA payment voucher, 2) payment plan or 3) up to 50% of total program cost or $3000, whichever is greater (certain restrictions may apply).  You must speak to a WIOA counselor to determine which payment method is accepted by your county office.

WIOA – Equal Opportunity Policy

It is against the law for this recipient of Federal financial assistance to discriminate on the following bases: against any individual in the United States, on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions, sex stereotyping, transgender status, and gender identity), national origin (including limited English proficiency), age, disability, political affiliation, belief or citizenship status. Additionally, reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that communications with individuals with disabilities are as effective as communications with others. This means that, upon request and at no cost to the individual, recipients are required to provide appropriate auxiliary aids and services to qualified individuals with disabilities.

DVR Grant Funding

If you have a recognized disability, you may be eligible for technology skills training services from your Vocational Rehabilitation office.  DWC has worked with students with a wide variety of disabilities, and we may be able to coordinate with your VR office to provide a situational assessment or custom training plan.

Check with your local DVR office for specific questions pertaining to their process for career readiness and technology training.

Promotional Discounts

DWC occasionally offers promotional discounts on classes and/or programs.  If eligible, these discounts are available to all students who do not have an existing payment plan agreement in place for the respective class(es) and/or program.  Some restrictions may apply.

Placement Assistance

DWC certificate programs are not equivalent to college credits or approved by an accredited institution. We make no guarantee, expressed or implied, of future employment in any industry nor placement assistance of any kind.   Current law prohibits any school from guaranteeing job placement as an inducement to enroll students.

DWC offers an optional career coaching benefit for students enrolled in full-length certificate programs.  Career coaches are comprised of Instructors and DWC staff.  Career coaching services include resume and portfolio review, job search assistance, and mock interview preparation.  Students may schedule up to two (2) hours of career coaching in thirty (30) minute increments.  Career coaching is available up to one (1) year after graduation date.

Attendance Requirements

Synchronous Attendance

Students are expected to attend each scheduled class session. 70% comprehension is required to complete and receive a passing grade for each class. Daily attendance and comprehension grades are reported by the instructor at the completion of each class. Tardiness, failure to attend, and/or lack of participation are each accounted for when deeming a passing grade. Failure to complete/pass class may result in a suspension from enrollment in future DWC classes or programs. See Progress & Grading Policy and Dismissal/Suspension for further details.

Asynchronous/Synchronous Hybrid Attendance

Students are expected to attend each scheduled class session. 70% comprehension is required to complete and receive a passing grade for each class. Daily attendance and comprehension grades are reported by the instructor at the completion of each class. Students may request class recordings if available but must attend at least 50% of the class live, as scheduled, to be eligible for a passing grade.  Tardiness, failure to attend, and/or lack of participation are each accounted for when deeming a passing grade. Failure to complete/pass class may result in a suspension from enrollment in future DWC classes or programs. See Progress & Grading Policy and Dismissal/Suspension for further details.

Failure to complete/pass class may result in a suspension from enrollment in future DWC classes or programs. See Progress & Grading Policy and Dismissal/Suspension for further details.

Failure to complete/pass class based on failure to meet these attendance requirements may result in probation. After consultation with all parties involved, DWC Admissions Team is responsible for the final decision regarding suspension. Students will be notified of their suspension status by email.  Students may reapply for reinstatement after 30 days.

Students who are unable to continue classes for medical or personal reasons may be granted a leave of absence upon approval from a Director. Approval is granted on a case-by-case basis.

Service members and reservists may be readmitted to a program if they are temporarily unable to attend class or suspend their studies due to service requirements.

Upon completion of a stand-alone class, students will receive a certificate of completion. Upon completion of a certification program, students will receive a professional certification document. Students can view all registered classes and certificates under My Account when logged into the DWC website.

Attended students of public classes are eligible for one (1) free retake of the same class within one (1) calendar year of the first day of the first class session. Some restrictions apply. See Retake Eligibility details.

Progress & Grading Policy

Assignment(s), project(s), or lab(s) will be administered by the instructor of each class.  Assignments, projects, and labs are subject to pass or fail grade as determined by the instructor.  Demonstrating at least 70% comprehension is deemed a passing grade.

Students may request class recordings if available but must attend at least 50% of the class live, as scheduled, to be eligible for a passing grade. Upon completion of each certificate program, students will receive a professional certification.  Upon completion of each stand-alone class, students will receive a certificate of completion.  All digital copies of certifications may be found in the student portal on DWC’s website.

Student Records & Transcripts

Students may request a free printed copy of their transcript(s) in writing by contacting the Admissions Team at info@digitalworkshopcenter.com.

Students can also view all registered and attended classes under My Account when logged into DWC’s website.

Dismissal / Suspension

Dismissal and suspension are the sole avenues available for ineligible students – academic probation is not factored into students’ enrollment status.


Any student may be dismissed for violations of DWC policies, as set forth in DWC Terms and Conditions or violation of Conduct Policy. DWC staff is responsible for the final decision regarding dismissal. Students will be notified of the dismissal by email.

Probation / Suspension

Failure to pass a class within a program may result in a probation or suspension from enrollment in future DWC classes or programs. DWC staff is responsible for the final decision regarding probation or suspension. Students will be notified of probation or suspension by email. Students are not allowed to retake any class with a grade of fail or an incomplete class.

Conduct Policy

DWC has created the following Conduct Policy to support a productive and stimulating learning environment in all classes.

The DWC Conduct Policy is designed to help ensure a positive atmosphere for the majority of students who currently exhibit the professional standards details below.

All students are expected to act maturely and are required to respect other students and instructors.

Possession of weapons, illegal drugs, and alcohol of any kind are not allowed at any time on DWC property or on display in an online class.  Any violation of the conduct policy may result in permanent dismissal.

Students should exhibit professional classroom values and behavior by:

  • Engaging in appropriate communication and interaction
  • Demonstrating trust, respect, and civilities at all times
  • Approaching course content as important and necessary for success
  • Turning off cell phones
  • Not using electronic devices to send or receive messages during class
  • Avoiding unnecessary talking
  • Not reading outside material or doing other work during class

Students should contribute to a positive learning environment by:

  • Arriving, attending, and departing class in a professional manner
  • Taking responsibility for team and individual assignments
  • Developing cooperative relationships with other students and faculty
  • Avoiding inappropriate language in and near classrooms and offices
  • Refraining from unrealistic expectations in dealing with administration, faculty, and staff.


All students are expected to always create an inclusive and wholly respectful environment for other students and instructors.

During online classes, students are prohibited from displaying any offensive, racist, or hateful imagery within the view of other students or instructors, including on student webcams.

In addition, students are expected to adhere to a dress code policy.  All attire worn in the classroom shall be clean, neat, and in good condition. Students are prohibited from wearing clothing displaying offensive, racist, or hateful imagery within the view of other students or instructors, including on student webcams.

At the discretion of our instructors or administrative staff, DWC will ask our students to remove or correct anything deemed in violation of the Conduct Policy.  If the issue is not corrected , the student shall be dismissed from class by administrative staff automatically.  Students may be reinstated into the class if the violation has been resolved and written approval from administrative staff.  More than two (2) violations of the Conduct Policy may result in dismissal.

DWC administrative staff and Admissions Team retains the right to review any report of offensive materials or violations to the conduct policy and dismiss students from class at their sole discretion.  Dismissal from class will automatically eliminate any possibility of a refund of any student tuition fees.


DWC main office and classrooms are located at 324 Remington Street, Suite 130, Fort Collins, CO 80524.

All students must secure the proper equipment and software prior to the start of their program.  A full list of equipment and software requirements by program may be found here.

Students may contact Admissions Team at any time with questions regarding proper equipment or software.

Graduation and Employment Rates

See Appendix C

Previous Credits

If a class is re-scheduled or cancelled, a credit may be available for a student.  A credit for previous training, education, or experience will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. DWC does not guarantee transferability of our credits to or from another institution unless there is a written agreement with another institution.

Student Grievance Procedure

Attempting to resolve any issue with the School first is strongly encouraged. Complaints may be filed by a student or guardian at any time online with the Division of Private Occupational Schools (DPOS) within two years from the student’s last date of attendance or at any time prior to the commencement of training at http://highered.colorado.gov/dpos, 303-862-3001.

Student Grievance Procedure – Nebraska Residents

Should a student have a grievance/complaint, please submit the issue via email to info@digitalworkshopcenter.com. Attempting to resolve any issue with the School first is strongly encouraged.  The student may contact the Program Director of Private Postsecondary Career Schools at the Nebraska Department of Education.

Student Grievance Procedure – Missouri Residents

If a student has submitted a formal complaint to DWC and have been unable to resolve the grievance via this manner they may submit a formal complaint to the following:

Missouri Dept. of Higher Ed. & Workforce Dev.
Attn: Coordinating Board for Higher Education
301 W High St., PO Box 1469
Jefferson City, MO 65101-1469
Phone: (573) 751-2361
Fax: (573) 751-6635
Email: info@dhewd.mo.gov

Privacy Policy

DWC does not rent, sell, or share personal information about you with other people or non-affiliated companies except to provide products or services you’ve requested when we have your permission. We have physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that protect personal information about you that may be stored in our records.

Postponement Policy

Postponement of a starting date, whether at the request of the school or the student, requires a written agreement signed by the student and the school.  The agreement must set forth:

  1. Whether the postponement is for the convenience of the school or the student, and;
  2. A deadline for the new start date, beyond which the start date will not be postponed.

If the course is not commenced, or the student fails to attend by the new start date set forth in the agreement, the student will be entitled to an appropriate refund of prepaid tuition and fees within 30 days of the deadline of the new start date set forth in the agreement, determined in accordance with the school’s refund policy and all applicable laws and rules concerning the State of Colorado Private Occupational Education Act of 1981.

Refund Policy

The following information pertains to policies and procedures of Digital Workshop Center and is approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Private Occupational School Board, Nebraska Department of Education, and Utah Department of Commerce.

Students not accepted to the school are entitled to all monies paid. Students who cancel this contract by notifying the school within three (3) business days are entitled to a full refund of all tuition and fees paid.

Students who withdraw after three (3) business days, but before the commencement of classes, are entitled to a full refund of all tuition paid except the maximum cancellation charge of $150.00 or 25% of the contract price, whichever is less.

In the case of students withdrawing after commencement of classes, the school will retain a cancellation charge plus a percentage of tuition and fees, which is based on the percentage of contact hours attended, as described in the table below. The refund is based on the official date of termination or withdrawal.

If you would like to cancel or transfer a class, you must send your request in a written notice via email to info@digitalworkshopcenter.com. Transferring/rescheduling a class registration is equivalent to a cancellation and is treated accordingly.

Refund Table

Student is entitled to upon withdrawal/termination Refund
Within first 10% of program 90% less cancellation charge
After 10% but within the first 25% of program 75% less cancellation charge
After 25% but within the first 50% of program 50% less cancellation charge
After 50% but within the first 75% of program 25% less cancellation charge
After 75% (if paid in full, cancellation charge is not applicable) NO Refund


The student may cancel this contract at any time prior to midnight of the third business day after signing this contract.

All refunds will be made within 30 days from the date of termination. The official date of termination or withdrawal of a student shall be determined in the following manner:

The date of which the school receives written notice of the student’s intention to discontinue the training program; or

The date on which the student violates published school policy, which provides for termination.

Should a student fail to return from an excused leave of absence, the effective date of termination for a student on an extended leave of absence or a leave of absence is the earlier of the date the school determines the student is not returning or the day following the expected return date.

The student will receive a full refund of tuition and fees paid if the school discontinues a Program/Stand Alone course within a period of time a student could have a reasonably completed it, except that this provision shall not apply in the event the school ceases operation.

The policy for granting credit for previous training shall not impact the refund policy.

Refund Policy for Employee Training – Exempt Students Only

If an employer is registering students at DWC for the training of its employees as avocational education, then enrollment is considered exempt under the Colorado Division of Private Occupational Schools (DPOS) statute.  This exemption is referred to as ‘Employee Training’.  You can find a list of all acceptable exemptions under DPOS rules here.

To review the full Terms and Conditions for all Employee Training exempt program classes, click here.

Refund Policy for Residents of Utah

For residents of Utah, view additional refund information in Appendix B or available here.

Refund Policy for courses purchased from CourseHorse

If you purchased a class on CourseHorse, then our Refund & Cancellation policy applies to your purchase. If you are entitled to a refund, or have any questions, please visit the CourseHorse site and contact their customer service team.

Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

Student Cancellation/Reschedule – Public Classes

Once a student has enrolled in a class, they have three (3) business days to cancel or reschedule that class without incurring a cancellation fee (see the Refund Policy here for full details).

Student Cancellation/Reschedule – Private Classes

Should a student not be in attendance 15 minutes or more beyond the scheduled session time, this is considered equivalent to no-show/cancellation.

We understand that emergencies happen, but unexcused class/session absences are subject to this policy and fee application.  Any violation of DWC policies may result in permanent dismissal.

DWC Cancellation/Reschedule

If class enrollment at the DWC does not meet our minimum requirement of students, the class may be cancelled or rescheduled. Participants will be notified prior to the start of scheduled class, typically with at least two days (48 hours) of advance notice.

Following our goals of limiting the number of cancellations and/or re-schedules, students may be notified as late as the day before a scheduled class. In the event of a DWC cancellation, a full refund will be available, or the paid balance may be applied toward another upcoming program/class. We never want to cancel a class, but, unfortunately, it does happen.

All applicable refunds will be made within 30 days of the date of cancellation. The effective cancellation date is the day the DWC receives your request.

Retake Eligibility

Students have the option for one (1) free “retake” of the same class taken at the DWC (public classes only). This retake registration is non-transferable, and no textbooks are provided (students are asked to bring their original textbooks with them to the retake class).

A retake is only available for students who completed the originally scheduled class.

A retake class has no redeemable value and is not eligible for a refund of any kind.

If a student is registered for a class as a retake student and the class is cancelled for any reason, DWC will allow the student to register as a retake for a different class until the retake bonus has been satisfied. Classes must meet minimum enrollment numbers of registered students to run.

If a class is filled with registered students, a retake student may be placed on a wait list and will be notified of their status immediately.

Appendix B – Utah Residents Addendum



Registration under the Utah Post-secondary Proprietary School Act does not mean that the State of Utah supervises, recommends, nor accredits the Digital Workshop Center. It is the student’s responsibility to determine whether credits, degrees, or certificates from the institution will transfer to other institutions or meet employers’ training requirements. This may be done by calling the prospective school or employer.

Digital Workshop Center is not accredited by a regional or national accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education.


For residents of the State of Utah, Digital Workshop Center adopts a refund policy including a three-business-day cooling-off period during which time the student may rescind the contract and receive a refund of all money paid. The cooling-off period may not end prior to midnight of the third business day after the latest of the following days:

(i) the day the student signs an enrollment agreement;

(ii) the day the student pays the institution an initial deposit or first payment toward tuition and fees; or

(iii) the day that the student first visits the institution, if the program lasts more than 30 consecutive calendar days.


Prepayment of tuition and fees must be limited to four months of training, plus registration or start-up costs not to exceed $200 or an alternative amount that the institution can demonstrate to have spent in undertaking a student’s instruction. Payment for certificate program classes may be made on a class by class basis.  Contact our administrative offices for further information.


For Digital Workshop Center Coworking Community Members Only

All Digital Workshop Center coworking community members have read the guidelines listed here and agree to the Terms of Use attached as Addendum A. Each member is required to print and sign a copy of the membership agreement.

Click here to read the membership agreement (PDF)