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Our Staff

Meet our staff!

At Digital Workshop Center, our staff is comprised of experts from the community. Our instructors work closely with our students to continually add new classes to keep up with the latest digital trends and to improve the overall student experience. We are not a university or community college; our instructors know your name and we want you to succeed. At Digital Workshop Center, our staff works to create a personal, memorable class that gets you the training you need.

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Stu Crair - Owner / Training Manager of Digital Workshop Center

Stu Crair – Owner / Training Manager 

Liz White – Administrative Assistant




Tyler Brooks

Tyler Brooks – Google Analytics

Phil Broste

Phil Broste – Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro

Our staff - Dennis Bucher

Dennis Bucher –Microsoft Office

Our staff - Michael Coronado

Michael Coronado – Adobe Lightroom


Our staff - Josh Hardin

Josh Hardin – Digital Photography

David Hayes - Headshot

David Hayes – Web Design/Development

Casey McLaughlin

Casey McLaughlin –Microsoft Office and Introductory Classes

Alan Peters – Graphic Design

Christine Stone – Web Design/Development

Lisa Ullery

Lisa Ullery – Digital Marketing

David Wiatrolik

David Wiatrolik – Microsoft Office and Introductory Classes

Brian Wilke Brian Wilke – Graphic Design