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Vocational Rehabilitation Services & DWC

If you have a recognized disability in Colorado, you may be eligible for services and technology skills training.  The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) does an amazing job of identifying potential candidates for training and Digital Workshop Center is proud to work closely to provide tech and career skills.

We have assisted students with many kinds of disabilities.  Customized programs, including the Blueprint program, are available for one-on-one training.

According to our most recent student exit survey provided to program students after graduation, Digital Workshop Center helped 82% of our unemployed or dislocated students to get back to work. Some of those students were able to attend DWC classes through services provided by Vocational Rehabilitation offices.

Find out how VR services and DWC programs could work for you too. What you will learn in this guide:

  • Find your local DVR office
  • Determine eligibility requirements and qualifications
  • Work with your local DVR office to increase your chances of approval
  • Develop a training plan for high demand careers
  • Apply useful tips and tricks along the way!

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Empowering you with skills, not degrees

Vocational Rehabilitation and Digital Workshop Center can work together to help you with career readiness programs including technology training. This guide will help you through the process of working with Vocational Rehabilitation counselors and help you navigate the process for services smoothly.

Learn useful tips and follow a step-by-step guide to getting started.

Why Digital Workshop Center?

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employment after graduation ^
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Always Live & Online | Hands-On | Affordable | Small Class Sizes | Expert Instructors

*Profile report data based on 2020-2023 Employment and Wage survey submissions
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Blueprint Program

Learn Basic Tech Skills in a one-on-one, custom program

The goal of this program is for each student to learn technology skills at their own pace.  Our experience working with students with disabilities allows our instructors to control the pace of the program based on each individual.

Skills learned in this program include introductory computer skills, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Word and Google Apps.

You schedule your class sessions around your availability and commitments.  Because every program is private, there is also no need to worry about social anxiety of attending class in a group setting.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Alumni Spotlight

My instructor was good at giving feedback, I never felt like he was judging my artistic abilities, he was only ever advising how to improve skills and techniques when visiting homework or projects. Overall the classes were really great and I’m bummed it’s over!
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Rachel Martin

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