Consulting & Custom Training

We offer private tech consulting in one-on-one hourly sessions.  Our expert instructors will help you answer your specific questions every step of the way during your session.

In your consulting meeting, we will focus on listening to your needs and goals. Prior to scheduling your appointment we ask you to submit prioritized questions. This allows our instructors to research any issues that may need to be discussed. We will then work with you to develop the training solutions you need.

Private training to get your questions answered

One-on-one custom workshops available in hourly sessions

Consulting Rates

Consulting Denver - Digital Workshop Center

Rates vary based on the project, number of students, and a wide array of other factors.  Contact us to schedule an advising call to discuss project details.

Team or Individual Consulting

Custom Team Training

Digital Workshop Center develops custom team training solutions for professional development of all kinds.  Our experts can help your business navigate focused workshops or multi-day classes to get your team working more productively. To devise your corporate training plan, we listen to your business’ needs and work with you to develop the solutions.

Individual Consultation

Have questions on a computer software program that our regular courses can’t answer? A consulting session may be right for you. With this customized, one-on-one training, we will help you get the answers you need.  Request an appointment to schedule your workshop today.

Consulting Online

Schedule a Consulting Appointment

To schedule a consulting appointment

  1. Fill out the schedule form and DWC staff will work with you confirm an appointment time
  2. Register for your consult appointment and pay online or via check

Registering for a consulting appointment requires that you abide by the Consulting terms and conditions.

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