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Digital Learning and Our Changing Workforce

The landscape of the workforce in Northern Colorado is changing at a rapid pace. There has been enormous population and job growth in the region. However, these two factors are moving at different speeds, which will eventually cause a job crisis.

As of April 2017, Northern Colorado has low unemployment at 2.8%. The local workforce that is currently seeking a job is finding that their skills are out of date and, therefore, they are not qualified for the many open positions that continue to appear.

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Connecting with alumni on LinkedIn

At Digital Workshop Center, we have been working closely with LinkedIn to build out our official school page. The goal is to create a central place for DWC alumni to connect and network, as well as employers to filter our alumni by the candidates specific skills.

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What we learned from the Talent 2.0 report

Last month, the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce, several workforce centers, and key educational institutions across the state held a meeting called ‘Talent 2.0’. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the findings of a Talent 2.0 report provided by the Fort Collins Chamber and many key partners.

From the meeting a Talent 2.0 regional workforce strategy was created, along with several action items to help close the skills gap in Northern Colorado.

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Colorado Workforce Centers

With about twenty Colorado Workforce Centers spread out across the state, there is a committed effort by the Colorado state government to keep workforce development as one of its priorities. After all, the goal of the Workforce Centers is to invest in its people instead of business interests.

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Training for a job at MadWire – Case Study

MadWire is one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies in the United States and Northern Colorado, as ranked by Inc. They have built a reputation for providing “world-class digital marketing software & highly skilled professional marketing services through a single, powerful platform.” Having a company of this caliber and reputation in our own backyard is an amazing advantage to the job market in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado.

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