Importance of Continued Education

No matter what career you are in, we can never understate the importance of continued education. For fifteen years, Digital Workshop Center has provided students with opportunity to grow their careers by adding high demand skills to their resume.  We are consistently adding new programs to ensure the skill programs offered align to the ever-changing job landscape in the U.S.

During this same period, many employers have shifted their hiring practices to prioritize job skills over degrees.  Organizations like Skillful work with companies to help them improve their skills based hiring practices, and improve internal professional development to push employees to find new opportunities in their careers.

Continuing Education benefits

However, our student advisors are consistently asked questions about how continued education will improve a student’s chances at landing a job, launching a new career, or getting their business off the ground.  All students need to realize the importance of continued education in their career path.  Whether fresh out of college, looking to make a career change, or simply looking to add new marketable skills to your resume, there are numerous benefits of continued education to highlight and push you towards your goals.

Grow your income with continued education

Many studies support a simple philosophy about the connection between education and income: “the more you learn, the more you earn”.  If you go farther with your education, and consistently add new skills to your resume, it leads to higher incomes and positive job outcomes.

According to a 2019-2020 study by U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics, “each level of education you complete may help you develop more skills, give you access to higher paying occupations, and signal that you’re able to follow through on important tasks, such as planning ahead and meeting deadlines, that employers value.”  Employers want to see job ready skills on your resume, and continued education is the best way to validate to employers that you are going to bring value to their company and fulfill the tasks at hand.

If you find that you are missing job skills, continued education is a smart step forward in your career path.  Talk to a student advisor today to learn more about individual training options.

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Increase your opportunities with continued education

Besides the income benefits, continued education will connect you to a classroom of like-minded individuals across the U.S. who may share similar experiences and career goals.  Through networking and connections, you will find that opportunities will present themselves like never before.  Most schools offer class chat groups and threads, plus alumni groups and social media connections. Full-length certificate programs often include career coaching services like resume review, job search assistance, and mock interviews as well.

This year, due to health concerns, it has been difficult to meet in person, but there are still networking opportunities available in the form of online meetings, social groups, and more. For some, having this time at home may actually be a positive way for you to find ways to connect more easily than before due to the convenience of staying home.  Keep finding ways to connect with your classmates and opportunities will come out of it.

Stay relevant with continued education

Seasoned industry veterans can often be victims of their skills falling out of date.  It is very easy to become used to a process or using a skill that you have been doing for years, without ever knowing that a new method or application exists to make your life better and more productive.  Continued education can be a key factor for those employed individuals looking to update their skills and stay relevant within the industry.

Many students come to DWC with years of experience in a field from a “traditional” background, including degrees and years of experience.  But, this group often finds it hard to stay on the job or find a new one because their digital tech skills have fallen out of date  professional development classes can help you find new tools and methods to keep you relevant today and in the future for your career.

Stay relevant with continuing education


Whether you have been on the job for decades or are looking for a new career change, you will find that continued education will always be helpful to you keeping your skills up to date, help you earn more income potential, and connected in your industry.  There is no “one size fits all” for training and you need to find the style, pace, and environment for continued education that works best for you.  If you want some help customizing a training plan, speak to a student advisor for free today.

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