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Three Reasons to Invest in Your Professional Development in 2020!

Three Reasons to Invest in Your Professional Development in 2020! It’s never too late to invest in your professional development. And with the New Year (and new decade) approaching, now is as good a time as any to prioritize yourself and make 2020 a year of professional growth! Recent students who completed a Certificate Program at Digital Workshop Center saw a $19k average increase in their annual salary! That’s a pretty impressive increase — wouldn’t you like a chance to earn more money in the New Year?  3 reasons to invest in your professional development...

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DWC Continuing Education Student Success Stats

DWC Continuing Education Student Success Stats Statistics for Certificate Program Students Empowering people with skills, not degrees, is Digital Workshop Center’s motto, but we’re also all about empowering people with success! When you take one of our continuing education classes or certificate programs, we’re proud to say that you’re chances of gaining steady employment and/or receiving a salary increase as a result of the new skills you’ve learned are very good — and we have the stats to prove it! I signed up for the Web Development...

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We’re Better Together. How Community Partnerships Strengthen Our Mission

We’re Better Together. How Community Partnerships Strengthen Our Mission Community partnerships are the foundation of a successful business. Just like networking is important for individuals looking to create professional connections, community partnerships allow businesses to combine their efforts to achieve a shared goal. In our case, our goal is to be a Northern Colorado resource to empower adults who want to gain new skills and succeed in the workplace. Digital Workshop Center is proud to partner with many local organizations, each with a unique way of...

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Alumni Spotlight: Sue McCullough

Alumni Spotlight: Sue McCullough Sue’s Story –  Going from Novice to Pro We sat down to speak with one of our recent alumni, Sue McCullough, and her success after graduation from Certificate programs at DWC.  Here is Sue’s experience in her own words: Why did you take classes at DWC? “I had come to learn that starting a new project or new business on your own can be difficult if you don’t have a lot of funding, so I decided that the more I can do by myself, the better. I’m a licensed clinical social...

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Business Soft Skills

Business Soft Skills Do You Have These 5 Required Business Soft Skills? Congratulations! You’re looking for a new gig and you’re doing your research. This is a step in the right direction. Presumably, you’re trying to understand what skills you need to land a new career or move up in your current company. But it’s important to understand that there is so much more that job recruiters are looking for than the hard skills that can be defined, measured, and evaluated. We’re talking about the required business soft...

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Employee Training

Employee Training Custom Workshops for Employee Training Employee training for professional development and continued education comes in all shapes and sizes, depending on the needs of your organization. The rapid advancement of technologies has contributed to employers seeing a larger gap in talent than in years past. To combat this gap, employers are seeking training and development to keep their staff ahead of the curve. This is evident in the investments that companies are making in ongoing training for...

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