Microsoft Word Advanced

Level 3 | Target Audience: Advanced | 7 hours

Microsoft Word Advanced ClassesIn the Microsoft Word Advanced class, you will start to use more valuable features of Word and take your skills to the next level. If you are writing longer documents in Word, there are advanced features that can make you more productive and manage documents more easily. Advanced Word training will help you add high demand job skills for careers in business administration and more. Learn how advanced Word classes can help you become a power user today.

Microsoft Word Advanced Classes

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Consider that you may be working on a long document which needs a table of contents, index, and footnotes.  The management of these sections is essential to you being able to produce a quality document efficiently.  In Microsoft Word Advanced, you will learn the long document features needed to be successful, as well as add valuable skills to your resume.

In Microsoft Word Advanced, we will show you all the tips and tricks of Microsoft Word that can set you apart from your coworkers or other job seekers.  If you’re ready for advanced Word training, this class is right for you.

As you work through the sessions of Microsoft Word Advanced, each class will be a hands-on and intensive workshop, designed to help make difficult topics easier to understand.  Your instructor, a Microsoft expert, will work with you closely to make sure that you avoid common mistakes in Word and apply best practices when possible.

Class Objectives

Upon successful completion of the Microsoft Word Advanced class, students will be able to:

  • Use Microsoft Office Word with other programs like Excel or PPT
  • Collaborate on documents with others
  • Manage document versions
  • Add reference marks and notes
  • Use long document features like table of contents, footnotes, index, and more
  • Make long documents easier to manage
  • Secure a document


  • Basic digital literacy including file management is required.
  • Microsoft Word Beginners (Level 1) or equivalent knowledge is required.
  • It is required you install the latest Microsoft Office software before starting class.

Talk to a student advisor to ensure you have the right pre-requisites for each class or program.

Alumni Spotlight

“I’m such a fan of the Digital Workshop Center, for many reasons. The owner and staff members are incredibly friendly, flexible, and professional. DWC also frequently collaborates with community businesses and non-profits to develop creative solutions to tech training problems. The course I took through DWC was a very effective use of my time, using a highly-qualified instructor and a well-written curriculum.”

Andrea Bazoin

Inside Our Curriculum

Online Tech Skills Classes

Focus on Real-World Skills

Each of our stand-alone classes is designed to teach how to improve your skills in a real-world setting.  DWC's experiential learning style ensures you will be guided by an expert instructor will performing all of the tasks to help you learn.

The challenges you face in class will mimic what you will need to land a job and improve your daily productivity.

Microsoft Word Advanced Online Class

Support & Mentoring

All Microsoft Word classes are offered in an accelerated workshop format.

Your instructor will provide hands-on, experiential style classroom learning for you to learn best practices of applying tech skills in the real-world.

Each class may be eligible credit towards a certification program, which includes career counseling and portfolio projects.

Flexible scheduling options allow you to choose what works best for your time.

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When can I start?

The average length to complete the a certificate program is 6 months. Total length may vary based on the pace in which you schedule your classes.

Each certificate program allows one year to be completed, but, depending on your pace of learning and skill level, you may move as fast or as slow as you like within that time frame. Veteran students may have certain restrictions on total program length.

Each program is comprised of several stand-alone classes listed above and a Capstone project. Once you have completed all the necessary course work, you will earn your certificate.

Who teaches these classes?

All classes are taught by industry professionals with 10+ years experience in their field.  Check the specific class offering to learn more about the assigned instructor for each class.

You may also learn more about our team here.

What format are these classes?

Certificate programs offer comprehensive training to help lead you to employment, support & mentoring, portfolio building, and career coaching.  These programs are delivered 100% online with live instructors in a synchronous format.  No self-paced videos.

To find out more about DWC's style of training, talk to a student advisor today.

What if the listed schedule doesn't work for me?

Click to request more information on a private class or contact us to discuss your training options.

What's included?

Each Certificate Program is comprised of course work and a comprehensive Capstone Project.

Support and mentoring a huge part of all of our full length programs.  Your instructor will be there as your mentor every step of the way through the program.

All materials including textbooks are included in your tuition cost.

All data files will be provided as needed.

Enrollment includes access to tech support via Slack, phone or email.  Additionally, each student has access to career coaching and more.

Attend an upcoming info session to speak to a student advisor and learn more details of this program.

What career services or internships do you offer?

For full length programs, support and mentoring is included and you will be eligible to work one-on-one with a career coach.

Workshops for job search and resume writing are included in the cost of your program.  Our expert career coaches will help you prepare for the next steps of your career path.  Your success is our success.

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DWC also partners with Parker-Dewey to offer micro-internships to our students.  These project-based internships are a great way for students to build real-world experience.  Learn more

Attend an upcoming info session to speak to a student advisor and discuss career coaching & internship options today.

Payment & financial aid options

DWC offers several flexible financial aid options including payment plans and traditional loans to help you finance your education.

We partner with Climb Credit to offer several flexible payment plan options that fit your monthly budget.

If you are interested in scholarship or financial aid opportunities, attend an upcoming info session to speak to a student advisor and learn more.

Terms & conditions

Enrollment in all programs requires each student to read and agree to our Terms and Conditions before you register.

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