Getting Started with WIOA grant in Nebraska

If you are getting started with a WIOA grant in Nebraska, then you are on your way to the next step in your career path.  In today’s modern workforce, digital literacy is essential to your employability across many job sectors, and it is a key factor for hiring managers in industries not often seen before.  Understanding technology will help you bridge the gap to the next wave of jobs across Nebraska, the U.S, and remote work opportunities.

Working with your Workforce Center in Nebraska, you have various grant funding opportunities available to you that are designed to get you back to work.  The advising staff at Digital Workshop Center is here to help guide you through the process as a certified occupational school.  DWC has worked with WIOA grants for over 16 years, and we can provide a custom training plan that will show you and your counselor how we can help you achieve success using technology in the next phase of your career.

Begin by defining your career goals

If you are unemployed in Nebraska, then you need to map out the next step of your career path and how you will get back to work.  The nature of work continues to evolve, and technology is more engrained into the fabric of work than ever before.  To understand what is required at a new position, start by doing some job research and read the requirements of the job carefully.

Identify what skills you have and which skills you are missing.  If you find that you have a technology skills gap, then consider a certificate program to help you learn new skills in a non-traditional environment.  Programs at Digital Workshop Center range from basic digital literacy to advanced coding classes.  Speak to an advisor to learn more about our style of training and create a custom training plan to share with your Workforce Center advisor.

Job sites like or are a great place to get started with your job research.  Utilize job search resources from your Workforce Center like NEWorks and examine what jobs are in your area or available for remote work.

Career Path in Nebraska

Nebraska Workforce Centers

Now that you understand what skills you need to move forward in your career, you should schedule a time to meet with your Workforce Center counselor.  Workforce Centers across Nebraska offer free services for you to research and improve your job search efforts.  You can talk to a counselor and find out what kinds of grant funding for which you may eligible.  There may be special grants for Veterans, underserved populations, and those affected by the pandemic.

Counselors at Workforce Centers in Nebraska can also review the eligible training providers list and show you the approved options for career colleges, trade schools, and occupational programs.  All Digital Workshop Center certificate programs are approved on the Nebraska eligible training providers list.

Nebraska Works Website

To get started reviewing training providers, visit NEWorks, login to your account, and click on “Training Providers & Schools”.  You may need to change the search area to “Any Location” to view Digital Workshop Center’s programs because we are an online school headquartered in Colorado.

If you are a prospective student getting started, contact your local Nebraska Workforce Center to work with a counselor to learn more.

Download the WIOA Guide

If you want a step-by-step guide on how to be successful securing grant funding under WIOA in Nebraska, we have a free guide available for you to download.  Learn about important resources and tips that students have found successful in the past.

Click here to fill out the form and download the Nebraska WIOA guide.

What if Nebraska WIOA funding doesn’t cover all my education costs?

If a Nebraska WIOA grant does not cover the entire budget needed for your education, DWC provides many student-friendly financial aid options that to consider.  There are simple payment plans with no interest and no monthly fees.

DWC also offers several scholarship options for you to consider.  Currently, the Tech Skills Scholarship, Women and Tech, and Veterans Tech Skills scholarships have funding available for qualified students.  It is required that you meet with a student advisor first to get the application for this scholarship.

If you want to discuss options, the best step is to schedule a time to speak with a student advisor for free and learn what will work best for your financial situation

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