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Tips to Choose the Right WordPress Page Builder

Tips to Choose the Right WordPress Page Builder Building an awesome website can be complicated, no matter what your experience level is. WordPress is a popular platform that makes the process simpler but still requires you to put in a lot of work. That’s where WordPress page builders come in. WordPress page builders can help you build a professional website with ease. The term “page builder” encompasses different tools that help you build a website from scratch. In most cases, they do this by providing you with drag-and-drop functionality...

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How to Start a Career in the Tech Industry

How to Start a Career in the Tech Industry The tech industry is booming and offers many opportunities for rewarding careers. The median wage for tech jobs is nearly double the median national wage.  IT professionals had a median annual salary of $88,240 in May 2019; compared to the median annual wage for all occupations of $39,810 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you have found yourself thinking about starting a career in the tech industry and don’t know where to start, keep on reading. Five helpful tips to start a...

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Why Do You Need To Demonstrate Your Credibility In Writing?

Why Do You Need To Demonstrate Your Credibility In Writing? In the 21st century, and especially with the current shift to more remote work, people are writing more than they ever have. Nearly 300 billion emails are sent each day, with the average employee receiving 121 emails and sending 40 emails. So, we know that when we have a job, we’ll need to write to our colleagues, our customers, and our business partners. And to get that job, we’ll write resumes, cover letters, online applications, portfolios of our work, emails to our network, and our own...

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Photography Basics for Better Photos

Photography Basics for Better Photos You know that picture that every time you look at it, it takes you right back to that moment. You can smell the fresh mountain air, hear the music playing on the dance floor, and feel how soft your first puppy was. This is what photography is all about, capturing the moments you wish could last a lifetime. But if you’ve ever tried to snap that moment, you may know it’s not always that easy. Photography is an art and skill that takes time to develop. Many of us turn to our cameras with doubt at...

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Our Response To Covid-19

Our Response To Covid-19 A note from Stu Crair, Founder & Training Director for Digital Workshop Center: Hi everyone- I hope you are all staying healthy and safe.  As we continue to deal with the effects of this pandemic, I wanted to update you on some of our plans for going forward. Class Attendance Options – Online vs. In-Person Through the end of 2020, DWC will continue to offer public group classes online only.   Public photography classes will be an exception (in-person attendance is permitted and...

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Ask a Tech Support Question

Ask a Tech Support Question Ongoing Tech Support at DWC Support and mentoring are a huge part of all classes/programs at Digital Workshop Center.  We have simple bulletin-board style system for you to be able to communicate directly with your instructor. Ask A Question To get started with support, first login to your DWC account with your username and password.  If you do not have this information, follow the directions to “Reset your Password”.   At the bottom of the forum page, there is a “Ask A...

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