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Expanding Basic Digital Literacy Classes for Vocational Rehabilitation

Expanding Basic Digital Literacy Classes for Vocational Rehabilitation When the Digital Workshop Center was founded in 2006, it was designed to be a community center for career skills with a focus on technology.  Many of our students were looking to expand their existing skills in tech related fields such as design, marketing, and web development.  DWC has always been a go-to for those in the community looking to “up-skill.” Over time, DWC has seen an increase in demand on the other end of the technology spectrum, with many vocational agencies and job seekers...

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Why Do You Need To Demonstrate Your Credibility In Writing?

Why Do You Need To Demonstrate Your Credibility In Writing? In the 21st century, and especially with the current shift to more remote work, people are writing more than they ever have. Nearly 300 billion emails are sent each day, with the average employee receiving 121 emails and sending 40 emails. So, we know that when we have a job, we’ll need to write to our colleagues, our customers, and our business partners. And to get that job, we’ll write resumes, cover letters, online applications, portfolios of our work, emails to our network, and our own...

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Photography Basics for Better Photos

Photography Basics for Better Photos You know that picture that every time you look at it, it takes you right back to that moment. You can smell the fresh mountain air, hear the music playing on the dance floor, and feel how soft your first puppy was. This is what photography is all about, capturing the moments you wish could last a lifetime. But if you’ve ever tried to snap that moment, you may know it’s not always that easy. Photography is an art and skill that takes time to develop. Many of us turn to our cameras with doubt at...

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Stack Up New Tech Skills This Summer

Stack Up New Tech Skills This Summer Today, the tech skills you need to stay relevant in the workplace are constantly changing. Whether you’ve been in the same industry for years or you’re wanting to change careers, professional development opportunities increase industry knowledge, keep you relevant, and will help you stand out among the crowd.  More than 40 million Americans have applied for unemployment during the pandemic. Developing new tech skills is going to be an essential for people to get back to work. So take advantage...

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Our Response To Covid-19

Our Response To Covid-19 A note from Stu Crair, Founder & Training Director for Digital Workshop Center: Hi everyone- I hope you are all staying healthy and safe.  As we continue to deal with the effects of this pandemic, I wanted to update you on some of our plans for going forward. Class Attendance Options – Online vs. In-Person Through the end of 2020, DWC will continue to offer public group classes online only.   Public photography classes will be an exception (in-person attendance is permitted and...

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Best Tools to Connect with Coworkers Online

Best Tools to Connect with Coworkers Online As many companies are seeking to make arrangements to accommodate remote working for their employees, it is essential to maintain productivity and communication between employees. As a result, employees may be need to find online tools that allow them to continue to communicate with their coworkers effectively. Here is a list of a few of the best tools to connect with coworkers online. 1. Zoom Zoom has become one of the most popular video conferencing apps to connect with coworkers online....

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