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Resources & Blog: Financial Aid

Getting Started with Utah WIOA

Getting Started with Utah WIOA For residents of Utah who are unemployed or recently dislocated workers, you may be eligible for an education grant through your local Workforce Center office.   Utah WIOA (or Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) grants are offered to those who qualify and are seeking high demand, high growth careers.  This is an amazing opportunity for you to be able to add some modern skills to your resume and get back to work in Utah soon. As a Utah trade school, Digital Workshop Center has worked with...

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Expanding Basic Digital Literacy Classes for Vocational Rehabilitation

Expanding Basic Digital Literacy Classes for Vocational Rehabilitation When the Digital Workshop Center was founded in 2006, it was designed to be a community center for career skills with a focus on technology.  Many of our students were looking to expand their existing skills in tech related fields such as design, marketing, and web development.  DWC has always been a go-to for those in the community looking to “up-skill.” Over time, DWC has seen an increase in demand on the other end of the technology spectrum, with many vocational agencies and job seekers...

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DWC Continuing Education Student Success Stats

DWC Continuing Education Student Success Stats Statistics for Certificate Program Students Empowering people with skills, not degrees, is Digital Workshop Center’s motto, but we’re also all about empowering people with success! When you take one of our continuing education classes or certificate programs, we’re proud to say that you’re chances of gaining steady employment and/or receiving a salary increase as a result of the new skills you’ve learned are very good — and we have the stats to prove it! I signed up for the Web Development...

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Don’t Qualify for Student Loans?

Don’t Qualify for Student Loans? If You Don’t Qualify for Student Loans But Want to Gain Professional Skills, Consider Ignite: ISA There are millions of Americans up to their necks in student loan debt and others who would love to further their education but don’t qualify for student loans for a variety of reasons. This is why we are now offering our Ignite: ISA Program to help reduce the barriers to learning important skills that will help you advance your career and succeed in your field. Why You May Not Qualify for Student...

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Zero Student Debt

Zero Student Debt Our Zero Student Debt Solution Let’s face it: millions of Americans with four-year degrees struggle to repay the high cost of student loans while also staying on top of the mortgage, childcare costs, medical bills, etc. The sad truth is that a four-year degree doesn’t guarantee you’ll land a high-paying job, at least not right away. But your student loan responsibility remains the same regardless of the job you land.   Ignite Your Future with Zero Student Debt The average student debt in the...

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Income Share Agreement

Income Share Agreement Income Share Agreement Explained Fact: Americans are more burdened by student loan debt than ever before. According to Student Loan Hero, the average debt at graduation from public and nonprofit colleges was $29,800 in 2018.  Tuition prices keep increasing, and many family incomes leave students with no other choice than to borrow money for higher education. Borrowers now owe a cumulative $1.6 trillion dollars of student loan debt, according to the U.S Federal Reserve. The cost of an education...

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