A note from Stu Crair, Founder & Training Director for Digital Workshop Center:

Hi everyone-

I hope you are all staying healthy and safe.  As we continue to deal with the effects of this pandemic, I wanted to update you on some of our plans for going forward.

Class Attendance Options – Online vs. In-Person

Through the first quarter of 2021, DWC will continue to offer public group classes online only.   Public photography classes will be an exception (in-person attendance is permitted and class sizes are limited). As we get closer to the end of the year, we will decide on attendance options for the following months.

Private classes may be scheduled for in-person attendance on an as-needed basis (class sizes limited).  For in-person attendance, we ask that you adhere to and sign a COVID acknowledgment and release form upon arrival at our facility.  Please contact our offices for details.


Beginning June 1, 2020, and considering the effect of Covid-19 on how we try to limit physical interactions with students, we will transition to only offering e-books to our students.  The cost of the e-books will still be part of each student’s tuition.  E-books will be provided to each student and we will no longer provide physical textbooks for the majority of our classes/programs.

This will help in many ways: less physical handling of course materials to reduce any chance of spread of virus, less shipping management for our small administrative staff, reducing costs during a difficult time, and reducing overall waste from printing books/packets.  This step is something that feels right for both health, safety and environmental reasons.

If any student wishes to purchase a physical textbook at their own expense, we can provide the link information to make sure you get the correct version.  Physical textbooks will be the responsibility of each student or counselor to purchase on their own (some exceptions may apply).

Bring your own laptop & new classroom seating

Once we do re-open to in-person classes, we will be reducing the size of the classroom by 50% for the foreseeable future.  Every desk will be limited to 1 person only.

To limit the shared equipment in use in the classroom, we are going to start a “Bring Your Own Laptop” policy and ask students to bring their own equipment to class as much as possible.

Each workstation will be re-configured to provide monitors and connections.  Mice, keyboards, and other devices will be available upon request.   In cases where someone does not have a laptop to bring, we will have some available by request only.

Any shared equipment will be disinfected daily, which includes instructor workstations.

For all of our classes, each student really needs the software to be successful completing homework assignments and growing their skills on their own.  This also reinforces that need for each student to make sure they have the tools they need during and after classes.

Online Class Recommendations

For all online students, DWC highly recommends that you have the ability to view the e-book on one device (monitor, tablet, etc), and the live stream available on another device.  This will create the best online experience so you can keep a hands-on approach to your training.

Consult with DWC staff and/or your counselor if you have questions on additional monitors.


All public online classes are being recorded and will be made available upon request.


To help our community, we have recently announced the DWC Tech Skills Scholarship.  This is a needs-based scholarship ranging from 25% to 100% award for tuition.  Please share with your networks to help get the word to people hurting right now and looking for new opportunities.

All of these changes are being made with the safety and concerns of our community first and foremost in mind.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you in class again soon and continuing to help our community move forward.


Stu Crair
Founder & Training Director
Digital Workshop Center, est. 2006
Office: 970-980-8091