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Executive Coaching Series with David Wilkinson

DWC and Global Equipping Centre partner to launch a new executive coaching series in January! Digital Workshop Center (DWC) is excited to announce a new partnership with the Global Equipping Centre, a leader in executive coaching and motivational speaking around the globe.  With this new coaching series, DWC is adding more soft skills that are crucial to any business owner or entrepreneur looking to level up their business. The vision of The Global Equipping Centre (GEC) is to develop and communicate innovative principles and strategies for those involved in the government, education, business and non-profit sectors. The methodologies for these concepts have been communicated through TV, simulcast, radio, print, individuals and groups. The three-fold strategy of the research of the needs of the four sectors, along with the development and testing of the accuracy of the curriculum, have been through executive coaching, tailored-made courses/innovative seminars and through organizational consulting. About David Wilkinson, CEO of Global Equipping Centre David Wilkinson, after living in South African for 7 years, brings an international flavor as a speaker and consultant in the realms of government, business, non-profit & education. After receiving his B.A and a M.A., he pursued avenues in developing curriculum and training executives regarding exponential and visionary leadership principles. His courses have impacted leaders on every continent of the world. David has personally launched 22 multi-national companies, with up to $30m generated revenue and 20% net profit successes. Having trained Fortune 500 Executives at the Global Automotive Conference and spoken at an International Academic Conference where he presented 7 major papers he brings both the theoretical and the practical together with an innovative flare.  His 18 years’ experience as a speaker to millions across the world, i.e. in North America, Far East and Southern Africa., has given him the unique experience as a motivational speaker who can also develop and market creative seminars and courses. David has spearheaded such ground breaking initiatives as the planting of ½ million gardens which raised millions of dollars for poverty alleviation. About the Executive Coaching Program (ECP) The ECP provide personal and corporate development to individuals who desire to double their personal and organizational vision. While business consulting improves the organization and leadership courses assists the general public, executive coaching focuses upon each individual, (only middle management upward, business owners or entrepreneurs), in the following areas: Visionary Leadership DISC Personality Analysis Advanced Communication Skills Exponential Growth Principles and other type information If you are interested in learning more about the ECP and new series at Digital Workshop Center, please contact us or fill out the following form: Fill out the form below to request more information about or to request information on customized individual or group training sessions.First Name*Last Name*Company NamePhone*Email* Which location do you prefer? Fort Collins Denver / Westminster Online Please indicate which location you are most interested in for your selected class(es). This will help us to provide you with the most accurate schedule and cost information as needed. Location availability may be subject to change.Number of Students?Please enter a value greater than or equal to 0.Please indicate the number of students. This will help us to provide you with the most accurate cost information as needed. Leave blank if you do not know.Join the DWC email newsletter for the latest class schedule, events/news, special promotions, tech tips and tricks, and more. Yes Your message:*...

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Digital Learning and Our Changing Workforce

The landscape of the workforce in Northern Colorado is changing at a rapid pace. There has been enormous population and job growth in the region. However, these two factors are moving at different speeds, which will eventually cause a job crisis.

As of April 2017, Northern Colorado has low unemployment at 2.8%. The local workforce that is currently seeking a job is finding that their skills are out of date and, therefore, they are not qualified for the many open positions that continue to appear.

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Case Study: Veterans education in Colorado – How funds may be calculated

As a Veteran in Colorado, you may be entitled to some amazing education and housing benefits through the GI Bill, Post 9/11 Bill, and others. Your family may also be able to take advantage of these benefits to pursue education options, launch a new career, or round out skills that can help someone be more productive at a current job.

Recently, a prospective student and Veteran came to Digital Workshop Center (DWC) and needed more information on how tuition for our classes would be paid for through GI Bill education benefits. The language of these benefits is long and confusing for anyone to read. After speaking with our Veterans education representative from the VA, DWC staff compiled some answers to common tuition questions.

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Useful Links for Veterans – GI Bill and Education Benefits

If you are a Vet in Colorado, you may have GI Bill benefits available for education. Digital Workshop Center (DWC) is approved to help you earn a certificate, complete a bootcamp, or up-skill based on the latest software trends.

Navigating through the maze of Veteran education information is not a simple task. DWC staff has been working closely with Veteran Education specialists across Colorado for many months, and we are happy to provide some useful information for Veterans and their families as they look for career options after service.

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Empowering Community: The EEC-DWC Partnership

The Matthews House Education Employment Center (EEC), and Digital Workshop Center (DWC) are working in conjunction to provide not only lessons of life, but tangible Business Certifications.

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