For working professionals of all talents and industries, learning new skills is a worthwhile investment. It keeps your resume fresh, your offerings relevant, and your pricing competitive. Many in-demand skills today have to do with technology, programming, media, and marketing, which can augment just about any educational background or career goal. And the great thing about those fields is that they can be mastered in a variety of formats. But how do you choose which learning style is right for you?

First of all, it helps to know what kind of pace you want to work at. For many people who already have full-time jobs, choosing a slower paced or self-paced course is probably best. For people who are between jobs or looking to jump-start a new career, fast-paced and intensive bootcamps might be the way to go. In order to decide which avenue is right for you, consider the following things:

  • How much time you can commit?
    • Can you only spare a few hours here and there, or can you tackle a dozen hours/week?
  • Your budget?
    • Single classes are generally inexpensive, while bootcamps are a sizable investment. Make sure you spend your money wisely on something that will give you a good return in the long term.
  • Your career goals?
    • If you already have a good job and want to climb the ranks or pad your resume, classes or certifications might fit well. If you want to shift gears and become an expert in another field, bootcamps will give you the tools and knowledge you need.

Here at Digital Workshop Center, we offer a wide variety of different learning formats, to serve our diverse clientele. Through our collaborations with companies like Bloc, and thanks to our experienced staff of instructors, we are able to teach dozens of subjects and skills at different paces and with different goals in mind. From digital photography basics for casual shutterbugs, to hard-core programming instruction for up-and-coming tech geniuses, we offer it all here at DWC.


If you are looking around at our offerings and aren’t quite sure which route is right for you, here are the basics of our different styles:


These stand-alone, short-term courses are offered a la carte, and allow you to dip your toes in to various software programs like Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Excel, and learn skills like website development or how to use your iPad. Generally these range from a few hours on one day, to a series of 3-4 days, but require the least time commitment of all our offerings.

Most of our classes are offered in our classrooms, in Fort Collins or Denver, and consist of several hours of hands-on instruction with breaks sprinkled throughout. Classes are ideal for when you want to learn a singular skill or refresh your knowledge with a particular software layout. Classes are offered regularly, generally don’t require much pre-planning, and are quite affordable.


We’ve packaged many of our classes into different certification programs, bundling related coursework to give you a good breadth of skills and knowledge in a particular field. When you sign up for a program, you pay for all the included classes (saving you money in the long run!) at once, and receive several perks that you wouldn’t get if you did each class individually. Our certification programs include tech support, free re-takes, official certificates of completion, and trial memberships to our Community Coworking program.

Programs are perfect for when you have a particular goal or field in mind, but want to approach each course in its own. We offer several different certifications that are relevant to a variety of industries. Financing plans are also available for these programs.


These intense hybrid instruction programs combine the best of online learning and hands-on classtime, and are great for when you want to master a complicated skill. Bootcamps are long-term investments involving a heavy balance of classroom hours and personal development time.  Because these are structured and demanding, you will work closely with your instructor and be able to create your own projects and applications for maximum retention.

Bootcamp programs are perfect for major career changes, or if you really want a leg up on the competition in web development, programming, and design. You will get to take in-person classes at DWC and some online training for a well-rounded experience. There is financing available for these programs as well!

Whether you are looking to refresh your basic software knowledge, or become a programming master, we have what you’re looking for at DWC. Short-term, in-person classes, as well as long-term hybrid bootcamps are available, and all our offerings feature experienced instructors, quality education, and lots of fun!


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