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Aug 18, 2023 | Business Administration Certificate, Tech Career Outlooks

What is Business Administration?

Business administration professionals have many tasks that revolve around the organization and operation of a company. Managing employees, making decisions related to company growth, and keeping staff focused on individual and group goals are just some of the day-to-day tasks of a business administrator or manager. When tasked with a business’s resources, time, and people, it is imperative that business administrators and managers have the skills necessary to be successful in helping a business thrive.

Communication, strategic thinking, and ethical decision-making are soft skills that employers look for when hiring for business administration positions. Technical skills include being proficient in business softwares like Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Google Workspace, and being able to use their features in an efficient manner. Since communication and decision making are two of the more important tasks of a business administrator or manager, having the skills to communicate across digital means is increasingly important as we progress deeper into a digital economy. While core tasks vary depending on the position and industry, business administration professionals should have a blend of these soft and technical skills to be able to highlight to future employers that they are the best fit for the job.

Essential Skills in Business Administration

Computer Competency: Using computers, business softwares (like Microsoft and Google, for example), and related equipment has become more important as more technology is intertwined with daily operations of businesses. Being able to proficiently use digital business tools will be a skill highly sought after by hiring managers.

Data Management: With the increased inclusion of technology in daily operations, companies often have loads of data and statistics that must be organized and managed for maximum company success. Having knowledge and understanding on how to use computer softwares to organize and analyze data will be important for business administration professionals to highlight to future employers.

Project Management: Skills in this realm include strategic planning, budgeting, and basic knowledge of scrum management and agile software. Managing projects for any company is an important task, one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As a business administrator, being able to ensure that projects are completed and goals are hit in a timely and efficient manner is a crucial skill to obtain. (Project management is also a career path that can be intertwined with being a business administration professional. Learn more about a PM career here: Project Management Expected Career Growth.)

Financial Management: Being a decision maker for a company also often means that there is a financial stake that needs to be accounted for. Having a basic understanding of financial concepts like financial statements or capital investments and knowing how to do basic accounting and budgeting are essential skills for a business administrator or manager to be successful in any position and industry.

Leadership: “Leadership is a set of behaviors used to help people align their collective direction, to execute strategic plans, and to continually renew an organization”, as noted by McKinsey’s “What is Leadership?” recent article. One of the most important skills of a business administrator or manager is being able to be a strong and positive leader for the company as a whole, but for coworkers and team members that are under any projects that are being led by an admin or manager.

Problem-Solving: Being able to identify issues quickly and find effective solutions proactively is an essential skill for business administration professionals. As leaders for companies, being a quick problem solver can be the difference between a failing and thriving business.

Presentation Skills: As a leading position in many companies and organizations, being a business administration professional means probably doing quite a few presentations. Whether those presentations are for colleagues and team members, they can also be for other companies and stakeholders. Having proficient knowledge and skill in creating visually appealing and clear language presentations will help any business professional thrive.

Business Administration

Which industries need Business Administrators?

Business administration is a thriving and flexible career path that can bring about many opportunities in many different industries. Some of those industries include marketing and finance. Many business administrators and managers have the skills to be selective on which industry is best suited for their career development and professional interests; the skill set also comes in handy for those interested and ready to start their own businesses.

Those with marketing interests can see opportunities in jobs such as brand/product managing, public relations, marketing assistants/directors, and marketing analysts. Those with finance interests could see opportunities in business consulting, analyzing, and account executives, office managers, or administrative assistants. However, business administration skills can land someone a one of these jobs in any small or large business that might need the leadership of a business administration professional to successfully bring projects and goals to fruition.

Becoming proficient in business administrative soft and technical skills can also be the leverage for someone to take their own business endeavors to the next level.


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What is the expected career growth in the Business Administration field?

According to Zippia, a company built on the mission to help professionals find and pursue the job that is right for their career, the project growth rate for business administrator jobs from 2018-2028 is 5% with salaries growing by 9% in the last 5 years. Some of the popular areas of job opportunities with their median salaries, as calculated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics are indicators that opportunties will continue to arise and salaries will continue to grow.

Business Administration

Advance or Jumpstart a Business Administration Career

DWC offers a Business Administration certificate that upon completion, students will be able to show future employers that they know business best practices to be more productive and successful while on the job. Through online, live instruction, students build career skills towards administrative and office management positions, become proficient in using business softwares such as Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Google Workspace (to name a few) and their additional features. Plus, students complete a real-world administrative management project that can be used to showcase skills and knowledge to future employers. With one-on-one job search and resume writing assistance with a career coach, completing a certificate with DWC can be the leverage needed to land a business administration or management position.

Attend an info session to learn more about the Business Administration certificate and then, fill out a program application to become a DWC student today!