Helping Veterans in Colorado with useful links for non-college degree program information

If you are a Vet in Colorado, you may have GI Bill benefits available for education.  Digital Workshop Center (DWC) is approved to help you earn a certificate, complete a bootcamp, or up-skill based on the latest software trends.

Navigating through the maze of Veteran education information is not a simple task.  DWC staff has been working closely with Veteran Education specialists across Colorado for many months, and we are happy to provide some useful information for Veterans and their families as they look for career options after service.

Useful Links for Veterans – Working with DWC in Colorado and beyond

The following is a list of links that can help Veterans decide which program is best, determine eligibility and more:

School Decision Resources:

Description: This is a wonderful first step for any Vet deciding on which school and/or program is the right one.  Crucial factors such as time, cost, location, and accessibility should be factored into the decision before enrolling in a program.  On this site, useful tools will help you pinpoint the right school for you.

Non-college degree programs:

Description: Digital Workshop Center (DWC) offers classes in Fort Collins, Denver, and online via live webinar.  Always live; no self-paced videos.  DWC is considered a non-college degree program by the VA.  When searching for the right program, be sure to include ‘non-college degree’ in your criteria.

ONET – My Next Move:

Description: This site provides career based outcomes and allows you to work backwards to find the right program.  ONET determines career outcomes for many government websites, and is how DWC lists many of our programs in the Eligibility Training Provider List (ETPL), Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), and Veterans Benefits.

Enrollment status and e-benefits:

Description: Once you have found the right program and career outcome, all Veterans need to visit this e-benefits site to enroll and determine their eligibility.  Based on years and type of service, among several other factors, this page is a crucial step to process education benefits and more.

Current rate payment tables:

Description: The exact rate of payment for your education benefits through the GI Bill and related programs is determined by a changing rate payment table.  Visit this site to learn more about the latest rate payment tables based on your situation.

Verify attendance:

Description: The VA requires that you show proof of attendance for any program they are paying for as part of your GI Bill or related benefits.  Register on this site and visit often as per their requirements to make sure your attendance is properly recorded.

Digital Workshop Center (DWC) Terms & Conditions:

Description: While in classes at Digital Workshop Center, you must adhere to the terms and conditions for registration.  Please review these terms prior to registration, and contact DWC offices with any questions.

Do you have more questions?

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