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Zoom Instructions

Zoom Instructions  User Instructions Click the Webinar URL link provided in your class registration confirmation email. This is also available in your account on the Digital Workshop Center website under My Account>My Classes. If necessary, you may be prompted to download Zoom. Click on the downloaded file to install and run Zoom. If you’ve launched the meeting before the instructor has started the class, you’ll see the note, Please wait for the host to start this meeting. Once the Host has started...

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Excel and Google Analytics

Excel and Google Analytics Make the Most of Your Data Google Analytics is a web-based website tracking tool that will collect data about your website and its users for a wide variety of events, such as website traffic, referring sources, conversions, and much more. Excel, on the other hand, is a spreadsheet-based program that lets you take data from any given source – including Google Analytics – to quantify and understand your results. When you use Excel and Google Analytics in conjunction with one another, you can...

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Download Certificate by Class

Download Certificate by Class Follow These Steps to Download Your Class Certificate for Any Completed Class For every class you complete at DWC, you can download a certificate of completion from your student account under ‘My Classes’ (Past tab).  Certificates are available 10 days after the end of a class and if a student has a passing grade. 1 – Login: Head to the Digital Workshop Center website and login. 2 – Click on ‘My Classes’ 3 – Go to the ‘Past’ tab 3 –...

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Key Differences Between JavaScript and PHP

Key Differences Between JavaScript and PHP Know Both to Further Your Web Development Skills If you have an interest or are already working in the web development field, you likely know there are many different computer and coding languages that power the computer programs, websites, and applications we use every day. Two of the most common are JavaScript and PHP. Each language is important in its own right, and web developers should have a working knowledge of both, but what are the key differences between JavaScript and PHP? In this...

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Drawing Tools in Illustrator

Drawing Tools in Illustrator 5 Drawing Tools in Illustrator to Create Vector Designs The Adobe Illustrator program is the leading program for designers to create logos, branding elements, advertisements, and graphics for businesses around the world. One of the major uses of this program is to create vector designs or vector graphics, categorized by their ability to be sized up or down without losing their quality. Logos and branding materials are most often made as a vector design because of the versatility of this file...

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