HTML Coding for Business Owners

5 Reasons Business Owners Should Understand Code

As business owners in this tech-driven era, we can find ourselves living in a world that looks a whole lot different than it did years ago. Business owners and team managers need to not only be good leaders, but they also need a healthy understanding of the technology that drives your company and allows you to reach consumers online and on their mobile devices.

If you’re a business owner or manager who finds themselves lacking basic comprehension of web development and other aspects of your company’s tech side, you might find it hard to manage your web team. If this describes you, consider taking the time to invest in an HTML coding for business owners class to help you understand the basics and be able to adequately manage your teams and technologies. 

HTML coding for business owners simply means you have a good grasp of the coding used to power your company’s website and applications, as well as the CSS that helps define and represent your brand in these places.

Now, we’re not saying all business owners and managers should drop their day-to-day responsibilities and exclusively code. We’re just saying that as a business owner, you should have a healthy understanding of how HTML code works and what it’s capable of. This will give you the tools and language you need to communicate better with your web development team and run your business more efficiently. 

HTML Coding for Business Owners

The benefits of taking a beginner’s HTML coding for business owners class include:

1 – You’ll Be a Better Leader: One of the things that makes a person a good leader is to show your team you care about them and their work. Your team will definitely notice if they see you are genuinely trying to learn more about what they do and how they do it by taking classes and working toward learning more about their role in the company.

2 – Communication Will Be Easier: One of the biggest complaints we hear from web developers and non-web developers alike is that it’s hard to communicate with one another, because the words, definitions, and meanings of things related to HTML and CSS are just so foreign to most people. You will be able to lead your team better and communicate your needs more effectively when you can speak the language of the developers.

3 – You’ll Know What’s Realistic: Often when people don’t have any understanding of HTML or CSS, it can be hard to know what is possible when it comes to web and application development. With a basic understanding of HTML and CSS code, you’ll know what is a reasonable expectation from your team and how much bandwidth it will take to get there.

HTML Coding for Business Owners

4 – You Can Hire the Right People: Business owners frequently find themselves needing to add web development people to the team but have no idea who to hire, because it’s hard to test abilities with no background in the matter. If you’re able to understand and communicate the language more effectively, you’ll also do a better job interviewing new candidates and finding the right teammates.

5 – Your Business Will Benefit: As with any aspect of your business, your operations as a whole will benefit from more well-rounded owners and managers. You’ll have the skills you need to run teams more efficiently and logically while cutting down on the back and forth that can happen when managers cannot communicate with web development teams well. The more areas of your business you can understand and manage, the better – web development is no exception.

If you’re a business owner or manager, a basic understanding of HTML and CSS can go a long way in helping you lead your teams effectively and improve outcomes for your team. Digital Workshop Center in both Fort Collins and Denver, Colorado, offer basic web design and development classes to give you the background in HTML and CSS you need to be successful. Check out the beginner classes we offer for HTML coding for business owners on our website and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or to register.

Learn to Code. Be a Better Leader.