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Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript & essential web design skills

Frontend Web Development BootcampThe frontend web development bootcamp program focuses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript as well as essential web tools that prepare you for a career in web design.  Build high demand career skills in frontend web development while learning from the experts.  You will leave this web bootcamp knowing how to code from scratch, learning front end web developer job skills, and how to build beautiful websites.  Enroll in a web development certificate today!

Inside Our Curriculum

Certificate Programs Skills

Focus on Real-World Skills

Certificate Programs at Digital Workshop Center are designed to teach you how to improve your skills in a real-world setting.  DWC's experiential learning style ensures you will be guided by an expert instructor while also performing all of the tasks to help you learn.

The challenges you face in class will mimic what you will need to land a job and improve your daily productivity.

To learn more about what to expect, download our welcome guide and get started.

Frontend Web Development Bootcamp

Support & Mentoring

The classes within the Frontend Web Development Bootcamp are offered in an accelerated bootcamp format, balanced by small class sizes.  Learn how to become a frontend web developer from industry experts.

Your instructor will provide hands-on, experiential style classroom training for you to learn best practices of applying tech skills in the real-world.

Each class in our web development certificate program is eligible for credit towards a certification program, which includes career counseling and portfolio projects.

Flexible scheduling options allow you to choose what works best for your time.

Why Digital Workshop Center?

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Start a web development bootcamp to add valuable job skills


Essential Career Skills

Many job postings within marketing, web design, and the business world today will list frontend web developer skills as requirements.  Specifically, employers want to know you can edit HTML & CSS when  working on content on a website.  These skills are in high demand and will add relevant job skills to your resume that makes you much more attractive as you continue your career path.

Our Frontend Web Development Bootcamp includes an orientation to front end web development languages such as HTML & CSS and JavaScript.  These classes cover the core languages of the web as well as related frameworks such as Angular JS and Bootstrap.

In your remaining classes, you will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to create web page mock-ups and convert  to code easily.   Digital marketing classes on Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help round out your knowledge of designing effective web sites from the ground up.  Talk to a student advisor today to learn more.

Financial Aid & Scholarship Options

Scholarships may be available if you are unemployed, women pursuing tech careers, and veterans seeking tech skills.  Find out more here.

Flexible payment plans including 0% interest financing are available for those who qualify. Speak to a student advisor today to learn more about what options are available.

Career Coaching & Internships

As you approach graduation, you will work closely with our expert career coaches to refine your next steps towards a new job.  Career services provided include one-on-one resume writing, job search, and mock interview workshops. Learn more

DWC partners with Parker-Dewey to offer micro-internships to our students.  These project-based internships are a great way for students to build real-world experience.  Learn more

Program Outline

Upon successful completion of the Frontend Web Development Bootcamp program, students will:

  • Understand core languages of the web including HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Learn advanced scripting with JavaScript, React, and other essential languages
  • Examine essential web tools to improve your design workflow and efficiency
  • Design web sites with SEO best practices
  • Monitor web traffic closely with Google Analytics
  • Use Photoshop to wire-frame designs


  • Design a real-world website project with one-on-one help from a mentor
  • One-on-one job search and resume writing assistance with a career coach

1-on-1 Mentoring

The Frontend Web Development Bootcamp program includes one-on-one mentoring throughout your classroom training, as well as one month of support after the end of each class  and one year for a free re-take of the same class.

Programs at DWC also include a Capstone project option for additional one-on-one portfolio building opportunities.

Learn web development, add frontend web skills, and get started with your web design portfolio with support and mentoring every step of the way.

Alumni Spotlight

Before I was hired my employer was excited to hear that I had lined up a course for web development as it aligned with their needs. After being hired I have been applying my training almost every day to introduce features that make for a more dynamic website, whether for our new one or for our existing one. I now have a better understanding of that world and can reference back to my valued experience I gained at the DWC.
Google Reviews

Jason Reid

Web Designer, Wyoming Business Council

What Skills Will You Learn?

Classes Included in the Frontend Web Development Bootcamp

You must complete all classes below and your Capstone project to earn enough credit towards certification


Capstone Project

One-on-one mentoring with your instructor while working on a real-world project pertaining to your program.  From project concept to delivery, each student will perform the work to complete the project with your instructor there to help guide you through the process.


  • 114 class hours are required to complete this certificate program
  • Additional hours outside of class will also be assigned.
  • Manage your own schedule to complete all of the necessary coursework within this program.

Speak to a student advisor to receive a training plan with a customized program schedule.

Payment Options

Affordable payment plan and loan options available

Full Tuition

Provided by DWC

Package discount available


Full Tuition


$200 off when you pay
in full upfront

0% Interest Financing

Provided by Climb Credit

Pay $496 per month

  • Interest Rate: 0%
  • Payments begin on the first day of class
  • $100 Registration fee
  • 12 payments of $496

Faster Repayment

Provided by Climb Credit

Pay $218 to $247 per month

  • Interest Rates: 7.99% to 17.99% (Max APR 26%)
  • Payments begin on the first day of class
  • $100 Registration fee
  • 31 monthly payments of $218 to $247
    Certificate Programs Payment Options 2

    Most Flexible

    Provided by Climb Credit

    Pay $31 to $83 per month

    • Interest Rates: 7.99% to 17.99% (Max APR 26%)
    • Payments begin on the first day of class
    • $100 Registration fee
    • 8 monthly payments
      of $31 to $83
    • 23 monthly payments
      of $288 to $317

    Pay Later

    Provided by Climb Credit

    Pay $0 tuition for 8 months

    • Interest Rates: 7.99% to 17.99% (Max APR 26%)
    • No payment for 8 months.  23 months principal & interest after
    • $100 Registration fee
    • 8 monthly payments of $0
    • 23 monthly payments of $319 to $353


    Scholarships for students needing economic support

    Get noticed with Adobe Behance

    Tech Skills Scholarship

    $50,000 fund

    For those who are unemployed and looking to get into a career in tech

    Testimonials at DWC

    Women & Tech Scholarship

    $100,000 fund

    For women looking to
    enter or advance in a technology career

    Adobe Captivate and Photoshop

    Veterans Skills Scholarship

    $50,000 fund

    For active or retired military service members seeking a tech career

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When can I start?

    Program classes are offered on a rolling enrollment basis throughout the year, typically every 8-12 weeks. You may start with any program class as long as prerequisites are met.


    Basic Digital Literacy is required.

    It is required that you have purchased and installed the Adobe Creative Suite before the start of class.

    How long is this program?

    The average length to complete the Frontend Web Development Bootcamp program is 4-6 months.  Total length may vary based on the pace in which you schedule your classes.

    Each certificate program allows one year to be completed, but, depending on your pace of learning and skill level, you may move as fast or as slow as you like within that time frame.  DWC works on a rolling enrollment system and provides flexible scheduling options so you can choose the classes that best fit your life.

    At DWC, each Certificate Program is comprised of many stand-alone classes and a Capstone project.  Once you have completed all the necessary course work, you will earn your certificate.

    What's included?

    Stand-Alone Classes

    Every stand-alone class at DWC includes support and mentoring throughout.

    Stand-alone classes within your program also include:

    • Professional Textbook(s) or Reference Packet(s)
    • Lesson files
    • One year for a free re-take (for attended students of public classes only)
    • 30 days of technical support
    • Certificate of Completion

    Certificate Programs & Bootcamps

    Each Certificate Program & Bootcamp is comprised of several stand-alone classes, plus additional training specific to your career field, portfolio building with a comprehensive Capstone Project, and career coaching workshops.

    Support and mentoring a huge part of all of our full length programs.

    Talk to a student advisor to learn more about specific details on each class or program.

    Payment & financial aid options

    DWC offers several flexible financial aid options to help you finance your education.  None of our financial aid tools will require a federal student loan or add severe interest penalties.

    If you are interested in scholarship opportunities, speak with a student advisor and discsuss eligibility requirements.

    Or learn more about flexible payment plan options that fit your monthly budget.

    Click here to learn more about financial aid options and get started.

    Homework expectations

    Homework varies from class to class, instructor to instructor.  It is recommended that you set aside 1-2x the class duration for homework/assignments (e.g. if in class 7 hours per week, expect 7-14 hours needed to complete homework/assignments).  

    What career services or internships do you offer?

    For full length programs, support and mentoring is included and you will be eligible to work one-on-one with a career counselor.

    Workshops for job search and resume writing are included in the cost of your program.  Our expert career advisors will help you prepare for the next steps of your career path.  Your success is our success.

    Click here to learn more about career counseling

    DWC partners with Parker-Dewey to offer micro-internships to our students.  These project-based internships are a great way for students to build real-world experience.  Learn more

    Talk to a student advisor to discuss career coaching & internship options today.

    Terms & conditions

    Please read our Terms and Conditions before you register.

    Still curious?

    If you have more questions, view the full FAQ page or contact us today.