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Digital Trends: Embrace the Cloud

The more we embrace technology and how it can improve our professional lives, the more information we begin to accumulate over time at our business.

At some point, the use and sharing of this information can become cumbersome for a business to control, and, therefore, looking to a cloud solution becomes a viable option.

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Update Your Technical Skills With Government Funding

No matter what side of the political spectrum you sit on, when you become unemployed in today’s economy, you may need to start leaning on the federal and state government for more help.

Specifically, if your technical skills are out of date with the modern trends, you may need to look for programs that will help you get up to speed.

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Let Databases Help You Store All That Data

Living in the information age, the amount of data that can come your way in a single day can be overwhelming at times. With so many ways to digitally track your customers’ habits, your company’s finances and social interaction, an eventual need grows to analyze the data more thoroughly.

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A Simple Mail Merge Can Save You Time

If you have a list of contacts on your computer and are ready to start mailing to a large group of them, then you can put down your pen and let your computer do all the dirty work.

With two of the most popular Microsoft programs, Word and Excel, you can quickly and easily create a mail merge system for your contacts.

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Vector Items Are Clean, Smooth

Whereas raster graphics, discussed last week, are made up of a grid of pixel information, vector images are not. Rather, vector images are mathematically created images made up of lines, curves, anchor points and shapes. Vector graphics can be used for simple or complex logos, diagrams and more.

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