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Top Jobs

Top Jobs Upskill to Land One of the Top Jobs in Northern Colorado The job market in Colorado has been incredibly strong in recent years, with very low unemployment rates compared to the national average. In fact, recently said Denver, Colorado, is a “millennial hiring paradise.” And it’s true, Colorado has thousands of open jobs in a huge variety of industries. If you’re considering relocating to this beautiful state or are ready to switch careers, it might be time to look at the top jobs...

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What is Digital Marketing? Here’s What You Need to Know!

What is Digital Marketing? Here’s What You Need to Know! Start building your digital marketing vocabulary Digital marketing is a relatively new buzzword for both businesses hoping to succeed in the digital world and applicants needing a strong resume in a competitive job market. Digital marketing encompasses much more than just social media and requires an ability to understand real-time analytics to make smart moves in the digital era. Learn more about digital marketing and how a deep understanding of this new frontier can positively affect...

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Facebook Ads – Custom Audience

Facebook Ads – Custom Audience Create a Custom Facebook Audience of your existing customers An incredibly powerful feature of Facebook ads lets you market directly to your existing customer base.  Using a feature called ‘Custom Audience‘, you can either import a list of email addresses or connect your MailChimp email list to market directly to consumers.  There is tremendous power in communicating direct to your target audience. In this article, I’ll examine some of the basic concepts of a Custom Audience...

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Community Spotlight – Actualize Marketing

Community Spotlight – Actualize Marketing How did Actualize Marketing begin? Actualize Marketing is a full-service ad agency that was started in August 2015. Our co-founders, Jessica and Greg, worked together for 10+ years at another agency and, after leaving our previous company independently to be solo artists, we decided it would be awesome to get the band back together. We hired Kate, Laura, and Kristen earlier this year, and now we’re really rockin.’ What makes your company unique? We’re big believers in doing more for fewer...

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What Learning Style Is Best For You?

What Learning Style Is Best For You? For working professionals of all talents and industries, learning new skills is a worthwhile investment. It keeps your resume fresh, your offerings relevant, and your pricing competitive. Many in-demand skills today have to do with technology, programming, media, and marketing, which can augment just about any educational background or career goal. And the great thing about those fields is that they can be mastered in a variety of formats. But how do you choose which learning style is right...

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