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Resources & Blog: Adobe Illustrator

Drawing Tools in Illustrator

Drawing Tools in Illustrator 5 Drawing Tools in Illustrator to Create Vector Designs The Adobe Illustrator program is the leading program for designers to create logos, branding elements, advertisements, and graphics for businesses around the world. One of the major uses of this program is to create vector designs or vector graphics, categorized by their ability to be sized up or down without losing their quality. Logos and branding materials are most often made as a vector design because of the versatility of this file...

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Vector Graphics and Vector Animations

Vector Graphics and Vector Animations Vector Graphics & Animations | Move People with Your Art As you look at the communications and marketing messages around us, take a moment to notice just how often animated graphics are used to catch your attention and sell you a product or service. Animated graphics are any kind of image that moves on the screen, aside from actual video footage. Animated graphics are made in the Adobe After Effects program in combination with vector graphics, designed in Adobe Illustrator. These images...

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Adobe Illustrator Classes Near Me

Adobe Illustrator Classes Near Me Sign up for Adobe Illustrator Classes Near Me Today! Graphic design has become an important part of successful business marketing. It’s a great way to visually communicate with your audience and stand out from the crowd. Everyone from business owners to marketing professionals, and even those looking for a new career in the marketing world, should understand the basics of graphic design and how to create great imagery. Adobe Illustrator is the most widely used and capable computer program for...

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Benefits of Excellent Design

Benefits of Excellent Design Learn the Benefits of Excellent Design to Help Your Business Get Noticed In today’s fast-paced, digital world, graphics and imagery are more important than ever. Having a basic understanding of Graphic Design is a great way to upskill your resume and improve your business’ digital marketing. To succeed as a graphic designer in today’s competitive job market, you need to be comfortable and proficient with common graphic design software. The Adobe Creative Suite is the industry standard in...

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Community Spotlight – Adobe Graphic Design Instructor – Alan Peters

Community Spotlight – Adobe Graphic Design Instructor – Alan Peters Adobe Creative Cloud expert brings a wealth of experience to the DWC instructor team When Digital Workshop Center began offering classes in Denver, Colorado, we looked to the local graphic design community for experts in their field to join our instructor team.  Alan Peters was one of our first hires for the position, and he brings a wealth of experience in marketing and graphic design. For classes on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe InDesign, Alan brings real-world experience to...

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