Drawing Tools in Illustrator

5 Drawing Tools in Illustrator to Create Vector Designs

The Adobe Illustrator program is the leading program for designers to create logos, branding elements, advertisements, and graphics for businesses around the world. One of the major uses of this program is to create vector designs or vector graphics, categorized by their ability to be sized up or down without losing their quality. Logos and branding materials are most often made as a vector design because of the versatility of this file type. As you learn the Illustrator program to design logos and images of your own, you’ll want to get to know the best drawing tools in Illustrator to create vector designs.

In this blog, we’ll cover the most useful drawing tools in Illustrator that every graphic artist or aspiring graphic artist should know to create vector designs such as logos, branding elements, marketing materials, and more.

Drawing Tools in Illustrator

Pencil Tool: Similar to drawing on a piece of paper with a traditional pencil, the pencil tool in Illustrator gives you the ability to draw free-form paths that aren’t hindered by anyone shape or design.

Shaper Tool: The shaper tool in Illustrator is one of the newest additions that graphic designers love. It allows you to free-hand draw any shape you wish and will magically steady your lines and create a perfectly designed shape – even if the one you drew by hand was a bit squiggly or lopsided.

Paintbrush Tool: Similar to the pencil tool, the paintbrush tool lets you create lines and fill in spaces with color with a variety of brushstrokes to give you even more control and options as you create vector designs.

Curvature Tool: With the curvature tool, you have the ability to add, edit, and manage anchor points on your line to allow you to best control the shape of your design. This tool gives you the ability to easily change the lines, without always switching between other drawing tools.

Eraser Tool: We’d be remiss if we didn’t include the eraser tool in this list. Not only can you remove mistakes or edit part of your artwork as you would with a traditional eraser; the eraser tool also lets you do a whole host of other cool things to remove lines and reshape your vectors.  

The beauty of the Adobe Illustrator program is that you can use all of these drawing tools, plus the many other tools the program offers, to create a digital file of your art, just as you would with pen and paper. The drawing tools in Illustrator offer endless options for you to create logos and other design elements you’re imagining in a vector format with no real limitations.

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