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Continuing Education Classes

Are Continuing Education Classes Right for You?

continuing education classes

We all want a job that provides more than just a paycheck. If you’re dreaming of making a career change but feel discouraged because you don’t have a degree to help you land your dream job keep reading. You’re not alone. And you’re not stuck.

Or perhaps you’re in a job you love but you can’t advance unless you gain additional skills and/or certifications.

Continuing education classes at Digital Workshop Center can teach you the skills you need to land the job you want and help you unlock opportunities for advancement in your current career.

What Are Continuing Education Classes?

Continuing education classes encompass a wide range of skills training. At the Digital Workshop Center, you can choose from a diverse offering of classes, certificate programs, bootcamps, and 1-on-1 consulting, each tailored to give you the skills you need to excel and move up in the workplace. We offer competitive, high-level training in a comfortable class setting. Each certificate includes a track of skills-based classes for a high-growth industry that will help you get your foot in the door and begin to earn more from your job than just a paycheck.

continuing education classes
continuing education classes
continuing education classes

Continuing Education Classes Empower You with Skills, Not Degrees

Fun Fact: there are 30 million good jobs that pay for workers without a B.A. Thirty million! And these good jobs pay an average of $55,000 per year and a minimum of $35,000 annually. Sounds good, right? In 2018, 82% of Digital Workshop Center graduates went from unemployed to full-time employment.

We believe that everyone can have the job of their dreams, even without a bachelor’s degree. Each of our certificate programs is designed to help you advance your career. Digital Workshop Center offers flexible class scheduling, open enrollment, and convenient campuses in Fort Collins, Denver, and online. As a student, you will receive individual attention with live and hands-on training.

Student Success Stories

continuing education classes


continuing education classes


continuing education classes


About Continuing Education Classes at DWC

Established in 2006, Digital Workshop Center is a community center for education, coworking, and professional development. A premier independent provider of higher education and certificate credential programs, DWC has become a vital training option for nontraditional students and the professional workforce in Colorado and beyond. Our student-to-instructor ratio average is 6 to 1, and we’ve served over 10,000 students!

The average in-state tuition in Colorado colleges is $6,682, compared to $16,893 for out-of-state tuition. In contrast, the average cost of a continuing education class certificate program at the Digital Workshop Center is just $3,788. The average program completion time is just 4.9 months. Additionally, the average length of time after program completion to find employment is just 3.34 months. This means you’ll finish your program much sooner, for much less cost, than by earning a traditional degree, and you’ll find a great job quickly.

The benefits of continuing education classes at Digital Workshop Center are endless. Our training options include certificate programs, bootcamps, stand-alone classes, and one-on-one consulting. We focus on the human element in the classroom, and we design customized training plans to help students realize their potential. We aim to foster a student-first environment with financially affordable training plans that are always live and hands-on. Ready to take the first step toward a rewarding career change? Let’s talk!

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