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Higher education is changing. No longer do you need to spend four years in a university setting, only to come out with high student loan debt and immense pressure to find a job.

Certificate programs from accredited technical education institutions like Digital Workshop Center are the wave of the future.

The Certificate Programs at Digital Workshop Center offers you the opportunity to learn the technical skills you need to land a job in a high-growth industry in a hands-on environment in less time, at a much more affordable rate. Regardless of age, skill, and background, students have found great success by completing these Certificate Programs – read more about how you can land the career you’ve always dreamed of:

Outcomes of the Certificate Programs at Digital Workshop Center

Here at Digital Workshop Center, we are committed to providing hands-on and applicable training to students of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds so they have the skills they need to compete for jobs in high-growth and high-demand areas, including technology, business administration, and development. We’re proud of the outcomes that we help students achieve:

Certificate Programs at Digital Workshop Center
  • Based on 2018 enrollment, 82% of unemployed students in certificate programs at DWC went on to find full-time employment upon completion of their certificate.
  • In 2018, there were 684 registered Digital Workshop Center students, with the vast majority completing their program within the average time frame.
  • In all Digital Workshop Center classes and certificate programs, the average student-to-instructor ratio was 6-to-1, much less than traditional educational settings.
  • After completion of coursework at Digital Workshop Center, the highest job placements were in digital marketing, business administration, and website design.
  • Based on student feedback, Digital Workshop Center has an average Google review of 4.9 out of 5.
  • Upon completion of classes and certification programs, 98% of students reported that they were very satisfied with the programs and education they received.

Our Certification Programs are widely recognized by employers and business owners alike for providing the real skills students need to perform job functions in the modern, tech-based era. The Certificate Programs at Digital Workshop Center span a wide variety of topics to give you the skills you need to land a career in your desired field.

Patti did it and so can you. . . Learn how in the video below!

Patti’s Story

Patti grew her career from Sales Associate to a Marketing Manager! Great work Patti! 

Certificate Programs at Digital Workshop Center

In addition to our courses, boot camps, and one-on-one training, Digital Workshop Center currently offers the following certificate programs:

  • Graphic Design Fundamental – Learn important graphic design programs, including Photoshop and Illustrator, and design concepts in a career-focused skills track.
  • Graphic Design Advanced – Beyond the fundamentals of graphic design, you’ll learn InDesign and dive deeper into graphic design in this program.
  • Digital Marketing – Learn the latest essential skills to be a digital marketing professional.
  • Business Administration – This course is designed for people seeking a business administration career path who are new to Microsoft Office and essential business administration tools.
  • Web Design Fundamental – focused on frontend web design, this course is the first step toward a career in basic web skills.
  • Web Design and Development Advanced – In this course, you’ll dive into PHP and JavaScript to go further with your front-end development training.
  • Video Design – Learn the important video design concepts, as well as video production programs such as Premiere Pro and After Effects, to give you the skills you need to create and edit video content for marketing and more.
  • Data Science – Master the tools of data analysis with this comprehensive career program.
  • Project Management – Prepare for a career as a Project Management Professional and receive a PMP credential with a complete certificate program.

On average, each Certificate Program takes 6-12 months for students to complete, depending on the number of courses, the rate at which students take classes, and the individual learning speed of each student. Similar to any university program, each program is comprised of many stand-alone classes that you will be required to take to finish the certificate.

Each class within your program will include all necessary textbooks and reference materials, practice examples and modules, and access to the Digital Workshop Center co-working space in Fort Collins. Once you have completed all the necessary course work, you will earn a Verifiable Certificate of Completion from Digital Workshop Center.

Ready to take your career to the next level? The Certificate Programs at Digital Workshop Center offer competitive, high-level training in a comfortable class setting to give you the skills you need to land the job you’ve always wanted. Each certificate program includes a track of skills-based classes for a high-growth industry. We offer flexible class scheduling, open enrollment, and convenient campuses in Fort Collins and Denver, Colorado, as well as online. As a student, you will receive individual attention, hands-on training, and one-on-one teaching.

Check out the Certificate Programs at Digital Workshop Center or schedule a time to chat with a student advisor to learn more about how completing a certificate program could put you on the fast track to the job you’ve been dreaming about.

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