Ever asked what ‘Skills You Need to Be a Successful Designer’?
Combine graphic & web design to set yourself apart

Skills You Need to Be a Successful DesignerMore and more applicants are finding that there are two important skills you need to be a successful designer: both web development and graphic design! That’s right, in this job market, it’s no longer enough to be a good graphic designer or a great web developer – you really need to be both to land some of the best jobs in 2019. Employers are looking for a broad range of capabilities in their hires; understanding the skills you need to be a successful designer is the first step as you look for new career opportunities in the coming year.

Employers are looking for candidates with both website development and graphic design skills as they fill marketing, web design, and graphic design positions. Here’s why:

  • Graphic and Web Design Go Hand in Hand: No design work happens in a vacuum anymore. In fact, nearly all graphic design ends up on a website in some way or another, so it’s incredibly valuable for a candidate to possess both skills in order to ensure the piece will look great in all iterations, including on the web, in print, on mobile devices, and more.
  • Cost-Saving: By hiring one person with many capabilities, companies can save costs, instead of hiring two or more people. Companies are more cost-conscious than ever before and are much more willing to hire candidates with deep skill sets to save on overhead.
  • On-Brand Marketing: Companies have begun to pay more attention to cohesive marketing across all platforms to keep the company on-brand. This means businesses are willing to invest in marketing initiatives across many platforms that match one another and convey the same message about the company or product. By having web and graphic design skills, candidates can help ensure that companies stay on-brand everywhere.

Skills You Need to Be a Successful DesignerIf you’re ready to make a career shift into the world of design, you will need to learn how to do both web and graphic design, as each of these disciplines have skills you need to be a successful designer in this day and age. Having viable skills in each field will set you apart from other candidates and give you the competitive advantage you need to land the career you’ve been dreaming of.

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