Alumni Spotlight: Sue McCullough

Sue’s Story –  Going from Novice to Pro

Alumni Spotlight
We sat down to speak with one of our recent alumni, Sue McCullough, and her success after graduation from Certificate programs at DWC.  Here is Sue’s experience in her own words:

Why did you take classes at DWC?

“I had come to learn that starting a new project or new business on your own can be difficult if you don’t have a lot of funding, so I decided that the more I can do by myself, the better. I’m a licensed clinical social worker by day, and I’m also the developer and creator of sports countdown calendars.

In designing these calendars, I realized that I needed help to learn Illustrator and other programs to make the project more successful and to spend less time trying to learn the programs on my own.

What was your favorite class?

I came to Digital Workshop Center and took classes in Illustrator, WordPress, and social media management. My favorite course was Illustrator, because I struggled with it so much trying to learn it on my own. But to have an Illustrator expert sit down and walk you through the lessons was invaluable and also a lot of fun! The instructors are all so knowledgeable and also entertaining.

How have you used the skills you learned at DWC?

I can now navigate Illustrator with ease. I’m able to update my own professional website. I’m also more confident in my blog writing. All of this together has helped me launch my calendar company. In addition, I found DWC to be very affordable compared to other classes I’ve taken at a university or community college. My experience at DWC has been very positive. I look forward to taking my next class.

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As a student, you will receive individual attention with always live and hands-on training. If you’re ready to take the leap as Sue did, let’s chat!

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