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Social Media Classes

Social Media classes teach you to connect with your customers and create a community

Why Should I Take This Class?

Social Media is not just a passing fad. It is the new way for businesses to reach out and get to know their customers, find their target markets, promote their products and services, and create an online community. Social Media is fun, interactive, and vital to a modern business’ success in the digital age.

social media classesSocial Media classes at Digital Workshop Center will teach you how to build a strategy for social media that fits your business. In addition, you will gain a strong understanding of how Social Media is changing the world, and also how it can revitalize your business in just a few easy steps.

Upon completion of our Social Media classes, you will be ready to join the exciting world of social media. All of our hands-on Social Media classes include: a reference packet provided by the FCDW, one month of technical support, and one year for a free re-take*.

Social Media classes are taught in a live format.  You will work with a social media professional to learn the tips and tricks used in the modern workplace every day.  DWC classes allow you to get your social media questions answered immediately by a live instructor.

What Can I Create After This Class?

When you complete Social Media training, you will be able to:

  • Create an online community centered around your business
  • Connect with fans around the world
  • Market and promote your products to a targeted audience
  • Expand your business by reaching new customers
  • Share content with an engaged audience
    …and more!
*Attended students only. Some restrictions may apply.

How Do I Get Started?

Click on a Social Media class below to view schedule and begin registration online or call our office at 970-980-8091. Customized individual or group training sessions are available.