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Email’s Evolution Allows Seamless Communications on Multiple Devices

I have no idea how many times I check my email each day.

Whether from my phone, laptop or desktop, I use email most from within a few moments of waking up to right before I go to sleep. It’s become something of an addiction, but I also get a couple hundred emails each day, making it necessary to stay on top of the rush.

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Get Your Head Into the Cloud

There’s no turning back. Cloud computing is the next phase of the Internet’s evolution. This new era is shuffling bulky desktop PC’s out the door and access to unlimited amounts of data storage and software packages into your pocket…well, if that’s where you keep your phone.

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Going Further with Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook offers several features that can help organize your busy life. If you’re just getting started with Outlook, check out Part 1 of this series here.

One often overlooked feature that exists within Outlook is the fact that you can click and drag emails in order to create new contact information, calendar items, and tasks. Dragging the selected message to the Calendar, Contact, or Task tab on the left-hand pane of your Outlook window will automatically pull up a prompt to create one of these new items with your email message already attached.

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Getting Started with Microsoft Outlook

The Internet has been growing rapidly for nearly thirty years now and email providers have been a big part of that expansion. These days, it is not uncommon for an individual to have two or more active email accounts. Using a tool like Microsoft Outlook allows users the ability to consolidate all of their email accounts into one convenient location. Outlook is not just an email tool, however. Outlook also integrates useful features such as a fully integrated calendar, task manager, and contact manager.

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A Simple Mail Merge Can Save You Time

If you have a list of contacts on your computer and are ready to start mailing to a large group of them, then you can put down your pen and let your computer do all the dirty work.

With two of the most popular Microsoft programs, Word and Excel, you can quickly and easily create a mail merge system for your contacts.

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