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Resources & Blog: Microsoft Excel


Excel VLOOKUP How to Use Excel VLOOKUP Whether you love it or hate it, there is no denying that Microsoft Excel is a powerful and highly useful tool that people in all walks of life can benefit from. From data scientists to small business owners, we all have a reason to not only use Excel but also understand how to use it effectively. There are so many incredible functions within Microsoft Excel that can turn your data analysis into a breeze. One of our favorite functions is Excel VLOOKUP. If you’ve ever...

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Excel and Google Analytics

Excel and Google Analytics Make the Most of Your Data Google Analytics is a web-based website tracking tool that will collect data about your website and its users for a wide variety of events, such as website traffic, referring sources, conversions, and much more. Excel, on the other hand, is a spreadsheet-based program that lets you take data from any given source – including Google Analytics – to quantify and understand your results. When you use Excel and Google Analytics in conjunction with one another, you can...

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Excel Add-Ins

Excel Add-Ins 3 Excel Add-Ins You’ll Want to Know About – Extend Your Tool Set Did you know? You can do even more with Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet-based computer program. There is a whole host of extra excel add-ins that make the program even more powerful and useful to business owners, administrators, and users. That’s right, there are more than 50 Excel add-ins that do a variety of things to make the program more versatile, easy to use, and efficient. Some of the add-ins make creative...

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The Difference Between Google Sheets and Excel | Digital Workshop Center

The Difference Between Google Sheets and Excel | Digital Workshop Center The ability for any business to manage and utilize their data is a key to success. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of spreadsheet software. There are two main data-management spreadsheet programs that businesses have adopted. One is available through Google’s G Suite, known as Google Sheets, and the other is Microsoft Excel. Each program has value, and in this blog we will be looking at the difference between Google Sheets and Excel. If you’re ready to learn more about the...

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Working with Larimer County to provide professional development classes

Working with Larimer County to provide professional development classes Two hour classes for Larimer County, City of Fort Collins, Poudre Fire Authority, Poudre School District and more When Larimer County looked to hire an outside provider for Microsoft Office training, they called the Digital Workshop Center (DWC) and we were excited to help.   In the past, DWC has worked with several government entities for training including Centers for Disease Control, State of Colorado employees, and several local municipalities. However, Larimer County had specific needs...

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