Excel Add-Ins

3 Excel Add-Ins You’ll Want to Know About – Extend Your Tool Set

Did you know? You can do even more with Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet-based computer program. There is a whole host of extra excel add-ins that make the program even more powerful and useful to business owners, administrators, and users. That’s right, there are more than 50 Excel add-ins that do a variety of things to make the program more versatile, easy to use, and efficient. Some of the add-ins make creative visualizations for charts and diagrams, some help users with data analysis, and others are designed to just make you work faster in the program.

Many of the add-ins are free, and the rest are relatively low-cost. No matter how you use or plan to use the program, there are many helpful add-ins to choose from. 

Our Favorite Excel Add-Ins Include:

Data Analysis:    Excel and other developers offer many add-ins to help you better analyze your data. PowerPivot is one of our favorite free add-ins to analyze and visualize your data. It’s incorporated in most versions of Excel but must be enabled to use. PowerPivot allows you to have an unlimited number of rows in Excel and combine data from multiple sources. You can use it to crunch your data in a wide variety of ways and display it in visually appealing ways to help you detail your information better.

Excel Add-Ins

Image shows the Power Pivot window with a table display

Excel Add-Ins

Image shows the Power Pivot window in Diagram view

SEO Add-Ins:     Excel offers a variety of SEO add-ins to your Excel document to help you analyze your SEO data and make smart decisions to improve your website search rank. One of our favorites is the SEOGadget add-in that organizes all of your SEO data to help you instantly see how your site is ranking and where you can make improvements. This tool is incredibly helpful for anyone working in the world of SEO.
excel add-ins

Image shows an example of SEO add-ins from SEOGadget 

Productivity:     There is a whole host of add-ins that are designed to make you more productive. One of them is the Power User Excel, which is designed to help you be more organized and productive within the program by helping you create shortcuts, utilize quick keys, and more.

Video – PC Mag’s: Become a Microsoft Excel Power-user with These 5 Tips

If you spend a lot of time working in Excel, spending some time to discover the top Excel add-ins is a good use of your time. You’d be amazed at just how many options you have and how seamlessly they can transform how you use the program.

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