The Rise of Women in Technology

Although we have a long road until we achieve gender equality in the workplace, we’re starting to see a rise of women in technology. As there is an increasing need for software engineers and web developers around the world, women are gradually finding careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
According to the Society of Women Engineers’s latest statistics:

  • 26% of computer scientists are women
  • Women make up 20% of engineering graduates
  • 16% of the engineering workforce is made up of women
While these numbers are small, it’s predicted the tech industry will be near gender equality by 2025. There are many reasons why we shouldn’t just aim to reach this goal but to exceed it.
women in technology today
Early technology pioneer and computer scientist, Grace Hopper, once said,

“The most dangerous phrase in the language is ‘We’ve always done it this way.’”

Grace Hopper wasn’t just commenting on how using outdated knowledge is harmful to building a product. Rather, she was saying that denying new ideas, especially those from women, will ultimately do more harm than good. Currently the tech industry is made up of mostly white males. Diversifying the tech industry will have profound impacts on global economic, social and educational development.
Diverse companies are more likely to report growth, perform better, and have an increased competitive edge according to research published in the Harvard Business Review. Gender diversity creates higher quality products, companies and sectors. Different backgrounds, experiences and ideas ultimately make any business or industry stronger. 

Encouraging women in technology will drive innovation. 

Tracey Welson-Rossman, Chief Marketing Officer of Chariot Solutions and founder of TechGirlz said, “By making a concerted effort to increase women in this industry, we will begin to see a change. That change will accelerate as even more women become empowered through these careers, normalizing the idea of women in tech and earning them increased economic power.”
women in technology leaders
Furthermore women-led companies have historically performed three times better than those with male CEOs as stated by Fortune. Fortune 500 companies with at least 3 female directors have seen their, return of invested capital increase by at least 66%; return on sales increase by 42%; and return on equity increase by at least 53%. These numbers prove, diversity at the top effects the bottom line. 
women in technology
Certainly women have proved their value to the world of STEM. Diversity leads to innovation and innovation is the engine of growth. There are now many organizations with leadership positions focused on Diversity and Inclusion (D&I). As a result of leadership of executives in D&I roles and companies committed to embracing change, you can expect to see a rise of women in technology.
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