For Digital Marketing classes at DWC, here are some of our instructors favorite websites you should know about:

  • (SEO)
    Primarily used for search engine optimization in order to get best practices related to incorporating SEO into other marketing initiatives, such as content marketing, as well as site architecture errors and recommendations. Moz also has a number of premium programs available for purchase that will list out the site errors on your website, internal/external linking metrics, and on-page optimization recommendations.
  • (SEO)
    Search Engine Land provides the most up-to-date information on search engine optimization, including algorithm updates and upcoming Google features. The editors even write articles based on changes they have noticed on their own sites with opinions on what it means for the SEO industry, even if Google hasn’t directly come out and admitted to any changes (yet).
  • (SEO & Email Marketing)
    A great website for sales and marketing professionals. They provide articles on topics such as email marketing, search engine optimization and content marketing. They also do a great job of illustrating the content marketing funnel by having articles for every stage of the funnel and how to drive visitors down the funnel once they land on your website. They also provide a premium platform that brings all marketing initiatives together so you can get the most out of your marketing dollars.
  • (SEO)
    DeepCrawl is a great tool to help in identifying site errors and warnings on a website. It will let you know if there is duplicate content (which is a huge no-no in SEO), pages with broken links, and missing meta tags. It’s a premium platform, but well worth the investment if you can work with a developer and webmaster to tackle these site errors.
  • (Email Marketing)
    Get information on how to grow and build an audience using their platform. It also provides overall email marketing best practices to make any campaign successful, whether you use MailChimp or not. The platform is free, but there is also a premium version for marketing automation, as well as pricing packages for large lists and campaign sends.
  • (Google Analytics)
    Almost any question you have on Google Analytics could be answered on their support website. It provides step-by-step instruction on topics including creating an account, property and view, how to add filters to data, and it also illustrates how to find your way around the dashboard.