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Explore Financial Aid Options at Digital Workshop Center

At the Digital Workshop Center there are several financial aid options you can use to fund a certificate program. Each option is designed to ease some of the burden of starting a training program.

Options for financial aid include a $0 Upfront Cost ISA Program, the DWC monthly payment plan, or the Tech Skills Scholarship.

Additional financial aid includes funding from the following federal aid programs, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity (WIOA) grants, funding from Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), Veterans Education benefits via the GI Bill® and Post 09/11 Bill® funding for those who qualify.

Exploring financial aid options
Continue reading to learn more about each of these financial aid options at DWC.
Financial aid options available at DWC

Ignite Income Share Agreement (ISA)

The Ignite ISA program is a unique pay-as-you-succeed financing option. There are no upfront costs to start and no student loans.  Pay back your tuition once you have secured a job with a salary equivalent of $40,000 or more.

  • 3-month grace period after graduation with no payments due.
  • Only pay if you are earning above the minimum income threshold.
  • Payments end when you hit the payment cap or defined time window.
  • Quick, easy application process you can complete in a couple of minutes. 
  • Some restrictions may apply.

Payment Plans

DWC offers 12-month, 18-month, and 24-month no interest, no monthly fee financing payment plans for class or program packages. All stand-alone classes, Certificate Programs and Bootcamps are eligible.

  • One-time setup fee of $75 and first payment are due before registration may begin.
  • Minimum payments must be made each month.
  • Package minimum of $1,000 required for a 12-month term.
  • Package minimum of $2,000 required for an 18-month term.
  • Package minimum of $3,000 required for a 24-month term.
  • Some restrictions may apply.
Exploring financial aid options

Tech Skills Scholarships

To meet the needs of our community, DWC introduced a Tech Skills Scholarship program in 2020. Scholarships are awarded for certification programs on a need basis, from 25% to 100% tuition.

  • You do not have to pay back the funds from the scholarships.
  • You must complete a application and student advising meeting to be eligible.
  • Contact us for more information about the application.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) program

The WIOA grant is a federally-funded program that provides a variety of services to individuals who are interested in receiving job training but don’t have the necessary funds due to unemployment or being dislocated.

  • May be eligible for full- or partial- funding for a certificate program or classes at DWC.
  • Limited to in-demand industries.
  • Download our free WIOA funding guide, here.
Financial aid options at DWC

Vocational Rehab Funding

If you have a recognized disability, you may be eligible for funding through your state’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). DWC works closely with DVR offices across the country to provide tech and career skills training.

  • May be eligible for full- or partial- funding for a certificate program or classes taken at DWC
  • You do not have to pay back funding from VR services
  • Download our free DVR funding guide, here.

Veterans Education Benefits

Veterans Education & Training at Digital Workshop Center includes high demand fields such as web designgraphic designdigital marketingbusiness administration, or video editing & production.

  • Eligibility for Veterans Education & Training can vary based on the GI program and education benefits available.
  • Download this free guide for Veterans Education & Training below to get started, here.
No matter what financial situation you are in, we have options to help you gain the skills you need. Contact us to learn more about our classes, certificate programs and financial aid options.

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