Joanna Meister

Joanna has 17 years of career experience spanning multiple industries including journalism, technology, and higher education. While she has been known to lean into theory when she geeks out about ways communication and technology team up in our lives, she also has fun with practical application in written and visual formats.

After spending five years teaching in the Journalism and Media Communication Department at Colorado State University, she transitioned to a career in technology within financial services. She is a firm believer that effective communication is an integral ingredient for success in any industry. She attended CSU for a B.A. in Technical Journalism and an M.S. in Public Communication and Technology. 

One of her latest hobbies is in the realm of fermentation science as she continues to learn more about making mead. She also enjoys outdoor activities and traveling. No matter how much she is drawn to exploring different cities around the world, there’s no denying that Colorado is her home.