Digital Marketing Skills for Project Management

Apr 22, 2024 | Alumni Success, Digital Marketing Certificate, Testimonials

Through feedback and employment reports from alumni students, we have recently been able to connect with a few alumni to talk about their experiences as a DWC student, any current professional endeavors, and how their time at DWC shaped their professional lives.

Crystal Gregory“If you want your business to be successful, you need a digital footprint and you need the skill set to have it,” says Crystal Gregory, a current IT Project Manager. A robust online presence not only enables businesses to reach a wider audience but also fosters credibility and trust among potential customers. With business shifts due to COVID, Crystal was searching for digital marketing knowledge & skills quickly in order to market to project management customers. Our Digital Marketing Certificate gave her the skills and knowledge to transform her skills as a Project Manager. Keep reading to learn more about her success story…

Interested in hearing Crystal share her story?

Check out her interview above as part of our Alumni Success Story Series!

What led you to choose us as your education and why did you decide to take the Digital Marketing Certificate Program?

Yeah, So I was searching for a digital marketing knowledge base because in 2020, you know, COVID happened. I was homeschooling and had a lot of downtime, if you will. I wasn’t working full time and I needed skill sets quickly to be able to go on to Facebook, social media, email marketing (for my career) and it was frustrating because I had all of this knowledge but I didn’t know where to begin. So when I saw that Digital Workshop Center had a certification, I said, oh this could be easy. The classes were short but effective. I have degrees and it’s a lot of fluff. But with these courses, it was direct and to the point, you know, hey, here’s your Google Analytics, let’s get in, here’s your Adobe, here’s your social media marketing. So I’ll use that to build my skill set. When it’s time to look for a job, I’ll have the knowledge.

What do you remember as your most enjoyable part as a DWC student, such as skills that stuck out to you or a class that you really enjoyed?

Yes, I do remember Instructor Jenny, for sure. Is she still there? Yes? She’s like an expert. My favorite part was it was a small class. We get on, you know, she would go through the information and it was more interactive, like, okay, what do you think this was? And just being able to talk to other students and pick their brain, They do marketing and all different categories and different customers, and then to collaborate together… That was fun.

So how do you think that Digital Workshop Center instructors like Jenny and the specific classes that you were taking with that certificate, prepared you for the workforce and any current professional endeavors that you’re currently doing? 

Because I know that the instructors have to have an extensive amount of experience in the field before they can teach at DWC, it really shows in the conversations you have in class. You’ll ask a question, hey, I’ve run into this issue and they’re like, Oh, this is how I would handle it. I was taking the classes and trying to market my whole business marketing plan at the same time. So it was nice to have that expertise at my disposal. I remember the Google Analytics Instructor was sharp, he knew his stuff. It was nice to have those experts who are currently working in the field to know and answer any questions you had.

Are you using any digital marketing skills right now? You are in project management, right? How do those skills help you in that industry? 

Yeah, definitely. Project management is almost like your own marketing world. You know, I have to be able to create a communication plan and know the audience and how to convey it. I’ve been able to brand my projects and it really sells the project to the stakeholders and to the customers. Then I have to sell it to executive teams to have those conversations of Hey, what are your metrics? How do you measure success with marketing and how many likes do you get? How many reposts? Oh, I can get that for you because we talked about it in my former marketing class. For example, let me conduct a survey. Then I have that feedback. User generated content, boom. I follow up with executive teams and show that we got a comment or someone liked their product. Even in communication plans that used to be really boring emails, I now know we need short, concise visuals, you know, bold content. You need buttons, you know? People get my stuff and they’re like, Wow, that’s fancy, you know? So I probably use, yes, a lot of that skill set has transferred over to project management on a daily basis.

What advice would you have for someone considering us as a school for tech skills and specifically for digital marketing skills?

I would definitely say do it because the reality is you could have the best product, but if you don’t know how to sell it online, you’re not going to make money. You need to know your SEO. You need to be able to send emails, text, social media, and having digital workshop center and that digital marketing certificate is going to give those skill sets to you. So I would recommend it. Even in a small business or if you’re starting a business, definitely look into digital marketing skills. As I said before, if you want your business to be successful, you need a digital footprint and you need the skill set to have it.

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As she navigated challenges and opportunities brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic, Crystal recognized the need to enhance her digital marketing skills to remain competitive and effectively serve project management clientele. Crystal’s story serves as a testament to the immense value of investing in oneself and embracing lifelong learning.

We are proud to have played a part in her journey toward achieving her goals. As she continues to climb in her career, we remain committed to empowering individuals like Crystal with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to succeed in the digital age. We encourage you to check out the range of certifications we offer and consider registering for an upcoming informational session where you can speak directly with a student advisor about what it’s like to be a DWC student.