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Industries for Data Science

Industries for Data Science  Top Industries for Data Science Professionals Companies around the world are storing more data than ever before in order to learn about their customers’ patterns and behaviors. From online sales to social media trends, there is a vast array of data that is available for companies to learn from. With massive amounts of data comes a growing need to understand and utilize this information to better understand customer desires. Data science experts are needed in almost every field, from...

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Understand the Data Science terms

Understand the Data Science terms Learn to speak like a Data Scientist by knowing the data science terms In order to be able to work in the field of Data Science, you first must understand some of the common terms.  Digital Workshop Center has compiled some of the most commonly used data science vocabulary used in the field to help you get started: Algorithm: a set of rules used to make a calculation or solve a problem. Artificial intelligence – the ability of machines to use logic and advanced computation to learn and make...

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