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Resources & Blog: Facebook

Facebook and Instagram Trends

Facebook and Instagram Trends Facebook and Instagram Trends to Increase Engagement The ever-evolving world of social media can be hard to keep up with at times. Algorithms are constantly changing, and so is the way that people view and interact with social media. It’s more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve to ensure that your brand will remain relevant to social media. Knowing how to keep your audience engaged with your content can make or break your social media strategy.  Here are the Top 3 Facebook and...

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Flat Lay Photos on Instagram

Flat Lay Photos on Instagram 5 Tips for Styling Flat Lay Photos on Instagram One of the biggest trends to hit the world of social media is flat lay photos, especially on the social media platform Instagram. Flat lay photos are a great way to highlight your business’s products or tell a fun story with objects. Best part? Flat lay photos can easily be taken with your smartphone! Flat lay photos are incredibly popular right now, for good reason! They resonate well with consumers and are extremely easy to set up and shoot. In...

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Additional Resources for Social Media Advertising

Additional Resources for Social Media Advertising Interesting sites related to Social Media Advertising Provided by Carmelo Mannino of DWC GrowthHackers Great community of digital marketing professionals FB Audience Insights Tool to help you analyze individuals demographics and interests on FB This is a site where you can evaluate other FB ads. Great spot for creative insights. Canva Use free or buy great backgrounds and images for social posts Promo Buy short video clips for FB posts and ads. Videos are almost always more...

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Facebook vs LinkedIn for your business

Facebook vs LinkedIn for your business Facebook vs LinkedIn to grow your business on social media When I started Digital Workshop Center 11 years ago, I understood how to teach technology skills in a better format than the standard university of community college. I also understood how drive traffic to our website using two inbound marketing techniques: search engine optimization (SEO) and social media. While a lot has changed with social media over the past 10 years, including the ability to advertise and target your audience...

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Facebook Ads – Custom Audience

Facebook Ads – Custom Audience Create a Custom Facebook Audience of your existing customers An incredibly powerful feature of Facebook ads lets you market directly to your existing customer base.  Using a feature called ‘Custom Audience‘, you can either import a list of email addresses or connect your MailChimp email list to market directly to consumers.  There is tremendous power in communicating direct to your target audience. In this article, I’ll examine some of the basic concepts of a Custom Audience...

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