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Resources & Blog: Data Systems

Data Science Job Growth

Data Science Job Growth Northern Colorado follows US trends for Data Science Job Growth Nearly all technological devices around us is collecting data about our habits, behaviors, and preferences, from computers and smart devices to the appliances in our home. This ability to collect unlimited amounts of data about everything is relatively new, and so is the job function of a data scientist who is able to extract real-time information and actionable insights from this data. As the data collection increases and becomes...

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Using Microsoft Excel to Integrate Data Systems

Using Microsoft Excel to Integrate Data Systems Integrating multiple systems is a problem for any business. In the past few months, it’s been a good problem to have for the Digital Workshop. As our volume of students has increased dramatically, we’ve been trying to figure out how to better handle our multiple systems internally. One of the most common issues that come with having multiple systems is they don’t talk nicely to each other. By “talk,” I mean data does not transfer easily between them. For example, a system for human...

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