Video Marketing: Top Reasons It’ll Benefit Marketing Strategies

May 27, 2024 | Video Design Certificate

In an age of constant digital communication, there are many opportunities to increase the effectiveness of your marketing. One of the most impactful, straightforward, and most cost-effective ways to do so is video marketing. By integrating videos into your marketing strategy, you not only align with consumer preferences but also significantly enhance your SEO rankings and conversion rates.

The benefits of mastering video marketing extend beyond immediate business gains; developing video skills can also propel professional growth as digital marketers, making those with a range of marketing skills an invaluable asset to their current and future organizations. If you’re on the fence about video marketing, here are our top reasons why we think the dual benefits are worth understanding for both business and personal endeavors.

Fuel Business Growth

  1. Videos Boost Sales – Studies show that videos are a powerful tool in increasing conversion rates and sales. People connect more deeply with products and businesses better when they get a good visual of the product and how it works. Videos offer a dynamic platform to demonstrate your product’s value, leading to a stronger customer relationship and enhanced recall of your brand.
  2. Enhance SEO Performance – Some studies show that having a video embedded on your website makes you up to 53 times more likely to appear in a Google search. Google’s algorithm prioritizes websites with video content. This is because videos increase user engagement, prolong site visits, and reduce bounce rates—all key factors in SEO rankings. Not only do your customers love video, but it’s also important to ensure your website is optimized because Google loves video.
  3. Reach Mobile Users & Reach a Wider Audience – With 90% of content being consumed on mobile devices, video is the preferred format for on-the-go users. Videos are more digestible and engaging on small screens compared to long text streams, ensuring that your content is accessible and valuable to your mobile audience.
  4. Video Marketing Encourages Shares – Users are more likely to share videos than other types of content. If your goal is to reach more people, creating high-quality and share-worthy videos is a great way to encourage your fans to tell their friends about your products or services. Videos are inherently shareable, making them an excellent tool for expanding your reach. High-quality, engaging videos can prompt your audience to share your content, exponentially increasing your visibility and brand awareness.
  5. Appeal to a Broad Audience – Videos cater to diverse audience segments, making them a versatile content format. Whether it’s explainer videos, product reviews, or behind-the-scenes glimpses, video content can engage various user preferences and consumption habits. It also can help the accessibility of your content for those who might need visual and audio explanations.
Video Marketing Tips

Advance Professional Development with Video Marketing Skills

  1. Enhance Current Marketing Skill Sets – Developing proficiency in video marketing not only broadens your overall marketing skill set but also enhances the ability to create and deliver high-impact marketing campaigns. Skills in video production and editing that coexist with marketing strategies are increasingly sought after by employers who need versatile marketers. Those who own their own businesses will find that video marketing can be what sets them apart from their competition and having an understanding of video marketing is crucial to stay relevant in the digital economy.
  2. Increase Professional Value to Employers – Marketers with video expertise are invaluable to businesses aiming to harness the full potential of digital marketing so through mastering video marketing, you position yourself as a crucial asset capable of driving significant business growth. As noted above, video marketing enhances SEO, audience engagement, audience reach, and sales for businesses that those who know how to incorporate it into marketing strategies are at a higher value for employers seeking to hire out for business growth needs.
  3. Expand Career Opportunities – Video design skills are applicable across various marketing roles, offering numerous opportunities for the digital marketing professional and others interested in marketing. From video production to video editing to social media management, those who have the versatility in their marketing skill set expand their value to various roles.

Elevate Your Marketing Skills with Our Video Design Certificate Program

Our Video Design Certificate provides a foundation in the most cutting edge video software available. With classes for video editing in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects, enrollment in the certificate will take you on your way to understanding the process of design for video projects, as well as the knowledge to create something visually compelling. 

Upon successful completion of the certificate, students will be able to understand best practices and terminology for video production, create dynamic videos using Adobe Premiere Pro, design and implement animations using Adobe After Effects, understand video marketing concepts and storytelling, and so much more.