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Resources & Blog: Photo Resolution

How to Choose Great Photos for My Next Project

How to Choose Great Photos for My Next Project Photography Tutorial: How to Choose Great Photos for My Next Project Whether you’re creating a new website or designing a flyer for your business, one of the most important elements of your design is images. It’s important to pick good photos that will not only resonate with your audience, but also be memorable—reinforcing your brand and ultimately enticing customers to purchase your product or enlist your services. In this Digital Workshop Center blog, we’ll cover the basics of “How to Choose...

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Understanding Resolution

Understanding Resolution During every graphic design class we run at the Digital Workshop Center, there’s almost always a lengthy discussion about image resolution. Imagery used to be so simple when the world was still analog. But with digital imagery, there are many factors to consider when determining resolution. First, to understand resolution you need to understand that all digital images are made of pixels, which is short for “picture elements.” A pixel is the smallest meaningful unit in an image and holds all of...

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