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Best Typing Courses

Best Typing Courses Learn about the best online typing courses near you In the digital era we live in, the ability to type error-free at an efficient rate is important for nearly everyone, including business owners, job seekers, and employees. On average, adults of all backgrounds can type 40 words per minute. However, many jobs, including secretaries, administrative assistants, and other similar positions now require applicants to be able to type at least 65 words per minute. Having the ability to type quickly...

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Intro to the iPad: Pros & Cons

Intro to the iPad: Pros & Cons The Apple iPad. It is the device that has acted as the paradigm for an entirely new genre of technology. However, it is a relatively large investment. It is also an investment that, given Apple’s recent trends, will be deemed “outdated” in about a year or so. That being said, if you’re ready to dive into the tablet world, there are some things you must know about an iPad before purchasing. What Does an iPad Do Well? Simply put, Apple made the bold statement that the tablet would replace PCs...

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Getting Started with Microsoft Outlook

Getting Started with Microsoft Outlook These days, it is not uncommon for an individual to have two or more active email accounts. Using a tool like Microsoft Outlook allows users the ability to consolidate all of their email accounts into one convenient location. Outlook is not just an email tool, however. Outlook also integrates useful features such as a fully integrated calendar, task manager, and contact manager. As it is with almost any Microsoft product, knowledge of the toolbar will help any user with ease of use. In...

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