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Custom Excel Visual Basic Application – Project Review – NM Industrial Service

The goal of this project was to create an automated solution to create the cover sheets and submittal registers that had been created manually in Excel in the past. After reviewing the current processes with NMIS, DWC determined that they did not have a current system in place to create these documents. Different users created the forms in different ways, and there was a lack of consistency of the final product.

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Understanding the Colorado Talent Pipeline Report

This is a critical time in Northern Colorado’s workforce history. As the State experiences record growth in population, innovation, and small business, the high-demand skills that are essential to the economy’s growth are lagging behind. Too many companies in Northern Colorado are actively looking to hire, but forced to search outside of this region to recruit the talent needed in today’s emerging industries.

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Self-Paced or Live Classes – Online Training Debate

For many years, self-paced, online classes have grown in popularity. It’s a trend that makes sense for many. The convenience and ability to start and stop your training adds new value to fit these online classes into a busy life.

However, there is strong data to show that most online, self-paced classes don’t end in success.

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Custom Excel Visual Basic Application – Project Review – Hensel Phelps

Hensel Phelps, a large construction giant across the US, hired Digital Workshop Center to design a project management application using Microsoft Excel. The project required a high degree of customized Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code, as well as tapping into some of Excel’s advanced reporting, pivot table, and pivot report features.

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Facebook Ads – Custom Audience

An audience feature of Facebook ads lets you market directly to your existing customer base. Using a feature called ‘Custom Audience’, you can either import a list of email addresses or connect your MailChimp email list to market directly to consumers. There is tremendous power in communicating direct to your audience. In this article, I’ll examine some of the basic concepts of a Custom Audience so you can start to use for your business as well.

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Colorado Workforce Centers

With about twenty Colorado Workforce Centers spread out across the state, there is a committed effort by the Colorado state government to keep workforce development as one of its priorities. After all, the goal of the Workforce Centers is to invest in its people instead of business interests.

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