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Google Ads Remarketing

Google Ads Remarketing Is Google Ads Remarketing Right for your Business? Here’s a crazy stat for you: 92% of consumers visiting a retailer’s website for the first time will not make a purchase. That’s a lot of potential customers that may or may not ever come back to the website. With many businesses relying on e-commerce for sales, it’s very important to consider how a business can remain visible and relevant to online consumers in order to funnel them back to the website and ultimately make a purchase. If a...

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Digital Marketing Resume

Digital Marketing Resume Your Digital Marketing Resume Should Include these Five Essential Elements Congratulations! You’ve jumped through the hoops, gained crucial professional skills, and now you’re ready to land yourself a brand new career! Easy enough, right? Not exactly. It turns out that the job application process can be daunting and exhausting. However, if you follow these five tips to optimize your digital marketing resume, you’ll be one step ahead of many other applicants and on your way to shaking hands...

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Top Three Long Document Time-Savers in Microsoft Word

Top Three Long Document Time-Savers in Microsoft Word Long document tricks and tips to save you time For your next book, magazine, research paper, or really long document you need to know these three time saving tricks in Microsoft Word to save you enormous amounts of time.  There are many built-in features of Word that you may not be properly taking advantage of, but the ones below have been some of the most overlooked. 1 – Automatic Table of Contents One of the most cumbersome, time consuming components of a long document is creating an...

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Selections and That Darn Lasso Tool

Selections and That Darn Lasso Tool Using the Lasso Tool to remove an image background (before & after) Let’s start with the most basic of all selection tools, The Lasso Tool. This is the most talked about and hated tool in the tool bar. But here are some easy tips to make it a little more easy to use. 1. First, why not make it more helpful in just knowing where the heck it is going to be selecting from. Go to Edit>Preferences>Cursors. There you will find the “Look” of tools. I like to have mine with Painting Cursors set to...

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HTML & CSS Cheat Sheet

HTML & CSS Cheat Sheet HTML & CSS Cheat Sheet – Download for FREE! The Digital Workshop Center provides free cheat sheets on many popular software applications. If you are looking for a quick HTML & CSS cheat sheet, then we’ve got just the thing for you! The HTML5 & CSS3 cheat sheet includes basic concepts and common elements to help you be more efficient and confident while working in code. Several of these concepts and elements are included in our hands-on Web Design with HTML and CSS training...

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