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A trained workforce is a happy workforce – Realizing the value of professional development for your employees

First, training keeps your employees happy. And happy employees are more likely to stay with your company, bring less internal conflicts to your office, and create a successful culture to your workforce.

Happy employees are high performers and high performers spend more time doing the tasks you need them to do to drive more business.

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3 reasons to complete a bootcamp in frontend web development

Adding marketable skills through a frontend web development bootcamp

Whether you are looking to change careers or add new skills to your resume, there are important decisions to make regarding your training path. Consider the top three reasons to complete a bootcamp in frontend web development:

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Connecting with alumni on LinkedIn

At Digital Workshop Center, we have been working closely with LinkedIn to build out our official school page. The goal is to create a central place for DWC alumni to connect and network, as well as employers to filter our alumni by the candidates specific skills.

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What we learned from the Talent 2.0 report

Last month, the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce, several workforce centers, and key educational institutions across the state held a meeting called ‘Talent 2.0’. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the findings of a Talent 2.0 report provided by the Fort Collins Chamber and many key partners.

From the meeting a Talent 2.0 regional workforce strategy was created, along with several action items to help close the skills gap in Northern Colorado.

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Understanding the Colorado Talent Pipeline Report

This is a critical time in Northern Colorado’s workforce history. As the State experiences record growth in population, innovation, and small business, the high-demand skills that are essential to the economy’s growth are lagging behind. Too many companies in Northern Colorado are actively looking to hire, but forced to search outside of this region to recruit the talent needed in today’s emerging industries.

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