Learn about how Cloud Computing can help you and your business

If you’ve been around a computer or smartphone in the last several years, chances are you’ve probably heard a thing or two about cloud computing. If not, you may find yourself asking, “What is cloud computing?” Never fear, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog from your local technology education center, complete with computer classes, the Digital Workshop Center is here to answer the question, “What is cloud computing?” to help you understand the abilities and benefits of the cloud.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing - Digital Workshop CenterSo, what is cloud computing? Where is the cloud? How do I use the cloud? These are common questions we hear when we start talking about the illustrious cloud. Simply put, cloud computing is the general term to describe the ability save documents, photos, and your data on the internet instead of on your hard drive. This not only frees up space on your computer or phone, but it also keeps your data safe if your device is lost or broken. Many different companies provide cloud storage; some offer free solutions up to a point. The cost is then likely based on needed space and functionality. Generally speaking, your cloud service will connect right to your computer and should be seamless for you to access your files and data just as if it were actually saved right there. The concept of the cloud has actually been around for a while, but use of the cloud has really accelerated in recent years, especially for business use.

Benefits of the Cloud

In this day and age, there are many benefits to cloud computing. First of all, it prevents your data and files from being lost if your computer or phone goes down. Your data is stored and regularly backed up on incredibly powerful servers outside of your office or home; this system allows you to access your files from anywhere, meaning it’s much more secure. Cloud computing has also dramatically increased productivity and the ability for companies to grow and expand in this digital era. With cloud use, companies can now process customer requests, data, and needs much faster. Furthermore, cloud storage offers the added benefit of helping prevent you or your customers from being subject to a data breach, due to the strict security features.  

Small Business Cloud Computing

Many small businesses have adopted the use of the cloud for a variety of reasons. Namely, it’s a cost-effective solution to storing and maintaining data. You no longer have to pay IT experts to maintain software and files, but rather just pay a monthly cloud subscription fee and have someone else handle it all. Furthermore, it keeps your vital data safe, secure, and backed up. Perhaps most importantly, cloud computing allows small businesses to grow and adapt to the needs of the market and”allows small businesses to compete in the digital era by growing and adapting to the needs of the customers.

Common Uses of Cloud Computing

The cloud is used in a huge variety of ways for individuals and for businesses both big and small, and individuals. One of the main ways it’s currently used is to collect and store big data to then be analyzed by businesses to make informed business decisions. By utilizing the abilities of the cloud, businesses are able to easily analyze information about their sales, customers, forecasts, and so on to plan and grow. Simultaneously, the cloud is used to store and backup important files and data for businesses. In the event of a disaster and system failure, the data will remain safe on the cloud and will prevent a loss of information.

The world of computers, the cloud, and technology are changing rapidly as we digitize the world over. It’s important for business owners to recognize the changes and begin to learn how to leverage the capabilities to help your business grow and adapt. It’s also important to make sure your teams are staying abreast of the changes and ready to help your business compete in the digital age. Since 2006, Digital Workshop Center has provided expert, hands-on computer training and consulting programs for businesses of all kinds. We’re here to help you and your employees understand the possibilities and find a solution that works for your business. Learn more about our customizable business training classes and don’t hesitate to contact us to get started!